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Spike Lee -- Mea Culpa

for Incorrect Retweet of

Trayvon Shooter's Address

3/28/2012 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0328_spike_lee_bnSpike Lee is doing the right thing ... finally apologizing for retweeting a home address he thought belonged to George Zimmerman -- and for inadvertently putting an elderly couple in harm's way.

Lee tweeted the address to his roughly 250,000 followers last weekend, but it wasn't Zimmerman's -- the shooter of Florida teen Trayvon Martin -- instead it was David and Elaine McClain's home.

The couple, in their 70s, say they were forced to flee their home because of threats. Lee also received several racially charged responses to the screwed up retweet.

But late Wednesday night Lee tweeted, "I Deeply Apologize To The McClain Family For Retweeting Their Address. It Was a Mistake. Please Leave The McClain's [sic] in Peace."

Lee also seemed to be asking people who are angry about Trayvon's death to leave Zimmerman's fate to the legal system ... closing with, "Justice in Court."

It's worth noting ... the apology came a few hours after the McClains reportedly lawyered up.


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Then why did he do it? Sue him

936 days ago


Too little, too late.
even if it was the right address what he did was wrong and disgusting.
he should be charged with a criminal act.

936 days ago

Mad Monica    

It's worth noting the apology came after they lawyered up because I don't think there would have been an apology had they not. AND their address, as of a few hours ago, was still up. I think it is also worth noting that posting that address was akin to putting a hit out on the family of the man involved in this case. Whatever you believe about HIM, is it right to set a mass of people literally baying for blood on ANYONE's home? Why isn't that question being asked? And why is it acceptable for this behavior to happen from some while such an action by others would literally be called a hate crime. Seems a bit strange to me. I keep hoping this country will grow beyond such behavior. But as long as certain ethnic groups respond to horrific cases such as this with equally violent and horrendous behavior we will never be a truly free people.

936 days ago


I can't believe a grown man would do something so irresponsible. What an a-hole. He deserves to get sued and I hope the elderly couple that was forced from their home (that they have probably lived in for 50 + years or so...) hit the lottery with Spike. Dumb-f***

936 days ago


sic'ing his 1/4 million followers on a man who deserves a trial before being judged guilty? isn't this called 'inciting violence'? i'll never watch another spike lee movie. what an idiot.

936 days ago


mob justice is what they meted out during the salem witch trials. i thought we learned something in the last few centuries. guess not.

936 days ago


What a savage ****ing ****** to put out anyone's address in this situation anyway!

936 days ago



936 days ago


this a'h*le is a moron and much like many on the left like race hustler's al sharpton & jackson don't care about the fact's. black's and hispanic's shoot each other every day in the hood. so why is this even a story? cause the media tripped over themselves to make this zimmerman guy a white/hispanic. that's like me calling obama a white/african american??? stop with the race crap and let justice play out. we don't lynch people anymore in this country...sorry sharpton & jackson. and spike lee, if someone would of gotten killed because of your stupidity...would you even care? i doubt it! yes he is the moron of the year!

936 days ago


Spike Lee is a racist..............
Pure and simple.
Besides that he's a fake.

936 days ago


I hope the couple sues him for all he has left. And the police should arrest him for essentially ordering a hit on Zimmerman.

936 days ago


Put some extra mozzarella on that mother****er and ****.

936 days ago


Why post an address at all? Stupid!!!!

936 days ago


if this guy does have to go to trial for anything and I was his defense attorney I would put people like spike on the stand to show how Irrational, people can be in a split second. Spike you have made this guys case for how things can happen without thinking.

936 days ago


wow these comments are waaay too hateful. NOW i hope Obama wins just to frustrate these racist ppl.

936 days ago
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