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Kevin Farley

My Ex-GF is a Liar --

I NEVER Threatened Her

4/24/2012 5:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Comic actor Kevin Farley -- younger brother of the late Chris Farley -- has been accused by his ex-GF of making death threats over the phone ... but Kevin is adamant she's lying through her teeth.

Farley's ex, Fayrene Byrd-Doig, filed a request for a restraining order in L.A. County Superior Court ... claiming Kevin called her up on March 23, 2012 and said, "He was going to f**king kill [me]." 

In the docs, Fayrene also claims Kevin called back on March 29 ... saying, "He was going to 'bury me' and that he was going to make sure that I never saw my kids again."

Fayrene never explains why she believes Kevin made the alleged threats ... but suggests the 2Gether star is a loose cannon with anger management issues.

But Kevin tells TMZ ... Fayrene is simply a "sick woman" who has concocted dangerous lies in an effort to get back at him for breaking things off with her in 2009.

Kevin says, "She's been blaming me and harassing me ever since."

"All I want is for this woman to leave me alone," Farley says.

A hearing in the case is set for May 15.


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Celebrities Suck    

she saw $$$ signs that's all she saw..... Money blinded her when she got involve with this man.

877 days ago


I know @FayByrd personally... Look at her she's obviously to good for his ugly ass. She's AMAZING & this dude is Classless for even trying it. Lame! - @jadejenius

876 days ago


I have read over the comments of some of the people and you guys have judged the situation without knowing the facts, ahhhhhh it's a foolish thing to speak without first hearing both sides.

I am a professional bodyguard and I get to see what's in the closet, if most of you knew what was going on, on the other side of the coin, you wouldn't worship people, but understand that talent and character are two different things, some of you wouldn't care. Kevin is lying, he threatened to bury her and to make sure she never see's her kids again. I wonder how some of you would feel if someone threatened you are someone in your family or someone you loved?

876 days ago


That FAT BASTARD needs to slow down on the Vodka & Cocaine before he ends up in a box too!!!!!!!

876 days ago


Thats fat bastard should slow down on the Vodka & Cocaine before he ends up in a box too!

876 days ago


I've known Faye for years and she is a wonderful mother and friend. I know her ex also and he knows that when all the evidence is heard, he is going to have to admit his crimes and apologize to Faye and her wonderful children for putting them through this ordeal. No woman deserves that kind of abuse.

876 days ago


I have known Fay for years, knew that the relationship w KF was unstable and rocky, knew she was afraid of him. Women can be afraid and not act, but turn that on my kids? A Mom will protect her kids! Fay is a wonderful person, and a great Mother!

876 days ago


I know Fay, and she is nothing but a sweet woman! Always helping people!

876 days ago


@give me a fricken break
You don't even know Fay, and if you did you'd have the facts. There was a police order from a year ago ordering Kevin to stay away from Fay.

876 days ago

James Miller    

FYI I know these situations first hand. Kevin's reaction to this event in my opinion is classic defensive behavior that most abusers use. Most women just want out and will do anything to be left alone and in peace. There never is a financial motive as they value their safety far more than money.

876 days ago


I have known Fay for 20+ years. I know her as a friend and a mother. I was in her wedding. Clearly these comments from Kevin are a slander of her Character. She is nothing but a wonderful soul. He was lucky to have her.

875 days ago

Emma Kehoe     

This dude Kevin Farley must be a real nut job... I'm scared for my life now. AHHHHHHH!

875 days ago

sal saccone    

i know fay for five years now we are close friends and believe me when i tell you she puts her children before everything including me her career social life etc. shes all about her kids and is a great mom! idk kevin farley personally so i can make judgement one way or another but i know fay inside out and i know what kind of person and parent she is and that is top notch! all this other stuff is pure heresay the truth will come out in court and on the tapes she has! and the truth will set her free and clear her name! as beautiful as she is she is an even more beautiful person and goes the extra mile to help her friends and protect her familly....this is fact and i know it to be the truth and will testify on it! SSS

874 days ago


I just googled Fays ex husband, Jason, and he played in the NHL in 2005.. so how the hell is she a gold digger if she was with him through the minors? .. And isnt farley broke ? I guess you guys really know fay ! hahahaha..

874 days ago


I know Fay and she is a good person and like Sal said the truth will come out ....

873 days ago
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