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Rodney King on Trayvon Martin

Thank God My Attack

Was Caught on Tape

4/24/2012 7:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Rodney King tells TMZ ... he sincerely hopes Trayvon Martin's family will eventually get justice ... but says Trayvon's case makes him realize how lucky he was to have his beating captured on tape.

Just days before the 20 year anniversary of the L.A. riots, King was in NYC promoting his new book in which he describes his journey through the violence ... from the infamous beating at the hands of LAPD officers ... to his public plea for peace.

"It's not one day that goes by that I don't think about the incident ... I get these headaches ... when I [sniff], my sinuses start burning."

Now, with the Trayvon Martin case stirring up similar emotions as his legal saga  ... King says the judicial system is a "slow process" .... and adds, "I'm hoping he gets justice for his family ... 'cause he's no longer here, so for his family."

King went on to talk about how his own life is finally heading in a positive direction ... but noted, "Luckily I got [my attack] seen on tape."


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When he said, "Luckily I had my beating caught on tape" he wasn't speaking in a negative tone of voice. He basically was saying that if Trayvon's killing was caught on camera we can end all the confusion, speculations, and fabrications on what happened that night. C'MON PEOPLE, THINK !!!!!!!!!!

912 days ago

jeff spicoli    

for a guy who was high on pcp, had a history of assault and on police, attacks 2 police officers...hes lucky they didn't kill his ass!....oh poor rodney king....

912 days ago


all these racist comments aint right good thing 9/11 ****ed ya up

912 days ago

Jenny Riley    

People like him will never admit to the truth. He deserved that beating, he should have gotten more. Problem with druggies and minorities they carry a big chip on their shoulder and argue with the police. If you just shut-up and do what they tell you won't have a problem. If you didn't do anything you have nothing to fear unless a mob of black people and their leaders threaten violence if you're not arrested.

912 days ago

BB not bb    

Poor guy had all the sense beat out of him by those dirty cops, but what is everyone else's excuse? They think jusice for Trayvon means denying justice for George. That is not things getting better, that is things getting crazy.

It was wrong what happened to this guy but hello, they do it to whites and whoever else they want to also. It is called the Fraternal Order of Dirty Cops and if they don't like you, they will be after you all of your life.

Making cops answer to angry mobs is just going to make them even more out of control. I don't think the Florida cops are going to lie against George, but they had to arrest him for the dirty prosecutor and that is wrong.

Trayvon was trying to rob houses. Trayvon knew George was calling him into the police. Trayvon then went to go get his revenge on George and got the worst of the fight. Case closed.

Rodney King is just happy to be alive. He is no legal expert on this matter. I am against police brutality and mob brutality. One does not justify another.

912 days ago


King is a worthless no good bum.

912 days ago


You know, I don't know what kind of human being he was 20 years ago, but he truly seems like a likable guy now. I sure hope he's clean and living his life on the good side. All the best for you, Rodney!

912 days ago


Too bad your attack on your girlfriend wasn't!

912 days ago


Lucky u, huh RK???? ********........

912 days ago


Rodney, your an idiot. The only thing your video showed was how not to act when an officer of the law asks you to stay down and dont move. Betcha you wont do that again!!!Dont compare your situation with Travyon's.

912 days ago

leon holston    

and even with the beating on camera we still could not get a conviction in simi valleyHMMMMMMMMMM

912 days ago


Mr Rodney King there is no I on dumbass, but there is a U

912 days ago


What a pity Matthew Owens' attack wasn't caught on tape :(

912 days ago


rodney king went on a high speed car chase that endangered police/pedestrian and other motorists lives.he needed to have the crap beaten out of him

912 days ago


rodney, just go away, you didn't have the common sense to pull over and listen to the police. The most you get is a ticket but no you drag jessie and al in and the rest of the creeps and put it on the cops. You were on something but that did not hit the news...

911 days ago
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