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Welfare Mom Blows $520


4/25/2012 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom check for $520 for haircutsOctomom Nadya Suleman -- who is pulling in $2,000 month in food stamps thanks to California taxpayers -- spent $520 on a Brazilian blowout, and 2 cuts ... TMZ has learned.

Octo's hairstylist Stephanie tells us ... she went to Octo's house on April 18 to cut her hair and do a Brazilian blowout -- a chemical straightening treatment. Octo owed Stephanie for an earlier haircut, and the grand total came to $520. Octo also paid Stephanie $80 for hair products. Mind you -- Octo wrote the check at a time when she was in dire need of welfare.

Stephanie -- who went to cops yesterday and filed a report claiming the 14 kids were living in squalor -- tells us she couldn't believe Octo was spending this kind of loot on haircuts when her plumbing didn't work. 

Stephanie says a plumber had been to the house recently and told Octo it would cost $150 to fix the pipes, but Octo declined, saying it was too expensive. As a result, the kids have to use portable training toilets in the backyard.

Octomom and the horrible house conditions
By the way, Stephanie also says while she was cutting Octo's hair, the mother of 14 locked her kids in the bedroom. Take a look at the pic -- notice the chair she used to keep the door shut.

9:00 AM PT: Octomom just walked one of her kids to a school bus -- we asked about the giant haircut check, but she had no response. PS -- nice Elmo slippers.


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909 days ago


Deplorable yes, should they go to CPS, probably but at least she is not crushing their skulls with TVs and claiming it was an accident while her back was turned.

909 days ago


This woman should be in jail and her kids need to be taken away NOW.

909 days ago

moe l.    

Time to ship her and her kids back.

909 days ago


Wow, if she thought she was getting threats will be interesting to see what people do after this.

909 days ago


So her hair is more a priority then fixing the plumbing in the house for those children, so that they can use a toilet inside the house?

She can afford to have a stylist come to her house and pay her that much and top it off with 80 dollars in hair products?

That 80 dollars of hair products could have went toward the 150 dollars for the plumbing.

I think she tries to play the martyr in the media and to others (like the guy who gave her the plumbing quote) hoping that people will feel sorry for her lies and do things for her, for free?

Shows that her children are NOT her priority, nor is their welfare or needs. What is priority to her is that her superficial needs get met, a blow out is more important? Really Nadya?

909 days ago


What kind of trash spray paints stuff on the walls of their house? I'm sure her Landlord will be pleased to see this.

909 days ago


Some people should not breed; period!

909 days ago


She needs to be arrested for Welfare fraud - and her kids need to all be put up for adoption.

909 days ago

St James III    

Hard Evidence right there. It took a massive amount of effort for me to even give this chick the benefit of the doubt but that's out the window now. The guy in the TMZ room was giving her a hard time the last time she appeared on TMZ Live but he called it man. I thought he was being a lil hard on her. Not any more.

909 days ago


Locked all 14 in a bedroom?

CPS, are you REALLY not going to do anything about that?

909 days ago


Gutierrez on the check, coincidence?

909 days ago


Not defending Octo, but my God, TMZ is out to demonize her. And I'll tell you something -- that hairdresser is alienating basically everyone who might be her client with the way she's publicizing absolutely everything.

909 days ago


Octomom is messed up in many ways. I just want to know, did the hair stylist snitch all the way to the bank with the tax payers money for services rendered & was it before or after she went to cops? I mean she knew where the money was coming from too. Hmmmm I see a finger pointing & 3 pointing back. mm mmm mm

909 days ago


It's NOT cool you published her address for the world to see. Whether she is fraudulent with welfare or not is NOT her children's fault and you should be thinking about their safety. SHAME ON YOU TMZ.

909 days ago
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