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Deion Sanders

I Would NEVER Hit a Woman!!!


4/26/2012 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Deion Sanders
insists ... he never laid a finger on his estranged wife Pilar during a nuclear argument in their Texas mansion Monday -- telling TMZ, "I would never touch a woman. That's not me."

Deion -- who's in NYC for the NFL Draft with his two sons -- told us the citation he received for simple assault this week is BS ... because he "never did that stuff."

As we previously reported, cops in Prosper, TX issued Deion a ticket for misdemeanor simple assault for his role in Monday's altercation -- when Pilar allegedly jumped him in his bedroom ... "kicking, biting, and scratching" him in front of his sons.

Deion has insisted from the beginning -- he never harmed Pilar, and only "defended" himself until he was able to call police.

Pilar was arrested for domestic violence. An emergency protective order was also issued against her, banning her from the ex-couple's home.

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Toilet Water Bleu    

Paul, nothing on Pilar was broke or busted, her bottom lip been big, google pictures of her you will see, the other person was arrested, and she is always in their business, Dee Boswell, @DeeThickChick4U, she's the one who instigated it, Pilar is a hoodrat, any woman with class and common sense would have just chilled and waited til trial, she had the big house to herself, Deion is always on the road, they came to the agreement together to continue to the live under the same roof, anybody ever ask themselves why everytime you see Deion out and about he has his kids with him, but everytime you see Pilar, she is dolled up at some club with other celebs, but let her media statement she is a stay at home mom, his oldest daughter exposed her months ago, about her cougar ways and everytime I see Pilar Sanders on Mediatakeot, she is some club hugged up with some bachelor, Deion is no saint, but you dont see him being a media whore with other women..Remember, Deions first marriage, the female who broke that up and caused problems with that, was Pilar. Carolyn got what she was owed from Deion with no media attention or being arrested, just like Juanita Jordan, did with Michael, Pilar still has some growing up to do.

909 days ago


OMG! this iS to all these metrosexual punk azz guys on here that would and think its okay to hit a woman! Even Deion wont admit he hit Pilar! Obviously you must be products of broken homes that had no father figure to show you right from wrong! A man should handle himself like a real man. Now if a woman comes at you with a weapon, of course defend yourself but by nature a man is stronger than a woman and getting into a boxing match or tussling match, you can contain a woman if it gets crazy but hitting a woman in her face! C'mon! Really! GTFOOH!

909 days ago


research has already shown in the strictest sense of aggressive physical contact, women are more abusive than men. Why should this come as a surprise?

909 days ago


The piano teacher that was there for the children says the police department refuses to speak with her and see was there for the whole thing. She says Deion was out of control and Pilar didn't do anything at all. I live here and Prosper, Texas is a tiny town. Deion's home dwarfs any other building in town. The police department has not only refused to speak with this witness, but also refuses to speak with any news media since the incident. Texas is a pay to play state. Its very typical for the cops to arrest the female if the male is wealthy, and I'm not exaggerating. Deion has a terrible reputation around here. I believe Pilar and her witness.

907 days ago


its amazing how many men who beat their woman say that b.s. i've watched it time and time again (grew up w it, in fact)...and those same f*ktards always say the same stupid garbage. yeeah, save it for the moron lined up behind me, thanks.

906 days ago


Deion Sanders is a complete idiot...he's getting ready to have his ass handed to him...Can't wait for the video evidence to PROVE he's a liar and an abuser. Ron Corning from WFAA in Dallas, got the exclusive this morning from Pilar Sanders' friend, Dee Boswell, who video taped the assault that Deion denied EVER happened...It would also be nice if he had a bit better grasp of the English language as well...I'm so embarrassed for him and disgusted all at the same time.

904 days ago


Deion who? I wouldn't hit a woman either, but I guess I won't make it to tmz with this?! golfing apparel

866 days ago


Who is that guy anyway? I wouldn't hit a woman either but does this make a headline? CMG Rattanmoebel Schweiz GmbH

822 days ago
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