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Jeffrey Dahmer's Killer

Appetite for a Book Deal

4/27/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been 17 years since notorious cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer was brutally murdered in a Wisconsin prison ... and now, the man who beat him to death is shopping a tell-all book about the killing.

TMZ has learned ... a rep for Christopher Scarver has reached out to high power book publishers ... claiming the 42-year-old wants to explain why he felt compelled to bludgeon Dahmer to death with a broomstick in 1994.

Sources say ... Scarver -- who's currently serving multiple life sentences for multiple murders -- wants to reveal all sorts of details surrounding the Dahmer killing ... including Dahmer's last words.

We're told Scarver plans to reveal the "sick, sadistic mind games and practical jokes" Dahmer played on prison officials and other prisoners during his time in the pokey.

Sources say ... Scarver also wants to share the life lessons he's learned since the killing.

No word if anyone will bite.


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Good job sir!

917 days ago


Isn't making money off of a murder you were convicted of against the law? So if he isn't making money...why not, it will be interesting.

917 days ago


This POS did not do humanity a favor...he just continued his nature of killing people.

Don't give in to your morbid curiosity and allow this piece of human garbage a penny of profit or a moment of notoriety.

I'm happy Dahmer died and was not allowed to live out years he denied his victims...but the trash that delivered him to the hell he so richly deserved, is a cowardly, murdering monster as well.

917 days ago



TMZ, I'll be your spell checker and proof reader for $25 bucks an hour.

917 days ago


I'd like to read that!

917 days ago

BB not bb    

So someone can commit a crime like murder and then say they changed and want to tell people about the experience by selling books? I think that is very creepy. He would have to be a good writer for me to care at all. I don't think this is such a great story but I guess people are entitiled to try to earn a living. He is in prison for life and then some, so it is not like he would get to enjoy his money much if he made any.

I heard that Dahmer turned born again Christian while in prison. I would like to hear more about that, but I have a feeling this guy wants to say what a creep he was and how it was good he got rid of him even though he is sorry about it now or something. I think there is more to this story than how horrible Dahmer was.

I am sure prison is full of prisoners bothering other people and playing mind games and messing with the guards; that is pretty much a given. The funny thing about this killer is that he looks like some of Dahmer's victims. Maybe he identified with them, and felt like Dahmer might be eyeing him for his next meal or something.

I guess guys in jail have nothing better to do than write books, and at least writing is a nice hobby.

917 days ago

Cognizant _illiberal    

that christopher scarver is a national treasure for beating that sicko to death, a broom stick is a slow painful way to go because the broom is not too heavy , dahmer was a sicko jeremy renner did a good job portraying him in the movie dahmer i talked with a convicted child molester and child murderer and he sayed he did not think about killing them until after he was done raping them because after words he got clear headed and paranoid the kid would tell so he killed them , these sickos literally see their victims as objects for satisfaction not humans at all. dahmer targeted mostly black and hispanic/asian young men from the ghetto that is why a black man killed him , it really does not matter because regardless of color child molesters are extorted and humiliated in prison or killed , one convicted child molester i talked to had his face carved up with scars and the word chomo carved on his face

917 days ago


Good riddance to the Dahmer sympathizers. This man is a hero he deserves a trophy. I only wish some one got to Charles Manson since he was also responsible for the murder of an unborn child. All these serial child killers and molesters should have their fellow prisoners have their way.

917 days ago

Cognizant _illiberal    

i am curious about the details but the guy who killed him can make up anything or use the many stories/urban legends that go around prison , the prisoners make up some interesting stories to freak out fresh fish because they are so bored all the time . the book will most likely have a lot of made up stories and few facts for the sake of making it more interesting for the reader, seriously the guy can make up anything he was young when he killed dahmer most of the guards and prisoners and dahmer are probably old or dead so they cannot debate the truth behind the stories, but i am still going to read it because some of the facts will be in the book and you can tell somewhat about what stories are way too farfetched and i want to support the man that killed the pervert dahmer , befor anyone new jeremy renner he portrayed dahmer in the movie dahmer and did a good job acting like a creep, exelent actor

917 days ago


Quote 1
"Sources say ... Scarver also wants to share the life lessons he's learned since the killing."
Ah, he's learned the life lessons since the killing of Dahmer (=one killing).

Quote 2
"Sources say ... Scarver -- who's currently serving multiple life sentences for multiple murders -- ".
Obviously he has killed more people, but he didn't learn any lesson of life with multiple killings?
Could somebody educate me on this?

917 days ago

BB not bb    

There is a redemptions story industry in this country which is somewhat sickening. Everyone has to tell you about their horrible past and how they are changed now. It is like all the drug addicts have to suddenly become counselors or pastors and keep acting like their experiences of evil helped them be so great today.

I get sick of the same boring story over and over. It is like an endless AA meeting. That is why I say this story had better be well written or something. Everyone learns life lessons if they live long enough. Why would I want life lessons from murders and junkies and all the failures though all the time?

Some of these stories are good. I like the autobiography of Todd Bridges from Different Strokes where he tells how he turned into a pimp and drug dealer and then became a youth counselor, but I think his story was kind of heartfelt. A lot of Christians like to tell these kinds of stories, and when you go to church they all start sounding the same after a while and you could care less.

Sometimes I think killers just need attention and maybe writing is a better way to get it. They can express their frustrations on paper instead of on someone else.

I never wanted to read In the Belly of the Beast by that killer, but then I happened to read an excerpt of it online by accident and thought that it was well written, so I might be interested in checking it out now.

I kind of believe what Son of Sam says that there are organizatoins behind alot of these mass murders that are attributed to only one person. In the case of Dahmer, why did the police send the little Laotian boy who was running up the street naked and bleeding late at night back to Dahmer? That was insane and makes me think that the cops were also involved somehow.

Maybe Dahmer was someone being mind controlled to do this. I have no idea, but it is very strange how he got away with it for so long.

917 days ago


Believe it or not, I encountered Jeffrey in a gay bar in Chicago. It was right before his arrest.

917 days ago

Dr.Conrad Murray    

Save your money for my book.

Dr.Robert Conrad Murray.
{Soon to be a best seller}

917 days ago


He actually did the world a favor by icing Dahmer. Toast to u, about that hair.

917 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    


917 days ago
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