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Jeffrey Dahmer's Killer

Appetite for a Book Deal

4/27/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been 17 years since notorious cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer was brutally murdered in a Wisconsin prison ... and now, the man who beat him to death is shopping a tell-all book about the killing.

TMZ has learned ... a rep for Christopher Scarver has reached out to high power book publishers ... claiming the 42-year-old wants to explain why he felt compelled to bludgeon Dahmer to death with a broomstick in 1994.

Sources say ... Scarver -- who's currently serving multiple life sentences for multiple murders -- wants to reveal all sorts of details surrounding the Dahmer killing ... including Dahmer's last words.

We're told Scarver plans to reveal the "sick, sadistic mind games and practical jokes" Dahmer played on prison officials and other prisoners during his time in the pokey.

Sources say ... Scarver also wants to share the life lessons he's learned since the killing.

No word if anyone will bite.


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crazy christmas pie    

OWN....I sense an episode of Oprah's next chapter with this story. . . ."life lessons" my ass, more like some opportunistic publisher sees an opportunity to make $--I bet this crazy SOB can't even string two complete sentences together

819 days ago


Sure but make sure the sleazy s***ball doesnt get a cent of the proceeds. Since he's done multiple murders his victims families should get all the profits.

819 days ago

Ernest De Brew    

This may be the only black on white crime most people would accept.

I do not excuse him for what he did. But, I don't blame him for exposing that sicko Jeffrey Dahmer on a book.

819 days ago


It's going to be an account of the murder of Jeffery Dahmer, showing the seriousness of this act of violence, and on every other page the humorous side of it, with such old jokes as: Q: "What did Jeffery Dahmer say to Lorena Bobbit? A:'You gonna eat that?'".

819 days ago


His last words were "I eat guys like you for breakfast". Not really, but theyre already on the internet...just a google away!

819 days ago

Joan K    

Both of these guys are killers and the stupid black one is no better then the stupid white one. I can't imagine this guy writing a book it looks like he couldn't write his own name. I wouldn't waste a penny on this book because it will be all lies anyway just to make it more interesting. Anyone who spends their hard earned money on this is not right.

819 days ago


hey if OJ can make money off a book, why not this guy? YOU GO SCARVER! Dahmer needed killing, theres no doubt about that.

818 days ago


What a ******.

818 days ago


Interesting. Publish that ****...

818 days ago


I'd read it.....Dahmer got wacked in a better way then his victims. Sad to say

818 days ago


This begs for reinstatement of the death penalty. Failure to protect Dahmer from this crime shows an incredible lack of security. Dahmer was obviously mentally ill and would be a target. Scarver should be "juiced" as should anyone whose DNA shows they killed more than once.

818 days ago

James B Chanbonpin    

I'll buy it.

818 days ago


Good job cause he also killed a White supremist 2 chit bags at the same time , and trust me that is why he is still locked up where he should be for the rest of his life I know this guy was no saint but he did society a favor

818 days ago


1)Dahmer was barely a cannibal. 2)I take exception to the notion that the man did a favor by killing anyone. Dahmer was already tried and punished. There is no room in society for vigilante justice that takes the life of another, no matter how destructive or worthless that life may have been.

817 days ago


My question is how come Jeffrey Dahmer killed all those innocent black/asian boys and men and was actually allowed to continue living. Did'nt their respective lives mean anything to the authorities ? Justice was served in my opinion.

817 days ago
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