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Lane Garrison

Cheating May Have Triggered

Domestic Violence

4/27/2012 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lane Garrison's girlfriend told him she had been cheating on him during their 8-month relationship, and that may have triggered what appears to be a brutal confrontation later that day.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... according to the police report, the night before the incident, Lane got drunk at the Playboy Mansion, and got thrown out. Lane's girlfriend, Ashley Mattingly, was also at the party and apparently the incident was the final straw for her.

The next day -- last Saturday -- Mattingly texted Garrison that she was breaking up with him and confessed she had been "seeing someone else" while dating him.

According to the police report, later that day, Garrison went to Mattingly's Bev Hills apartment, waited for her and when she arrived he said, "Baby I love you. Come here." They began to argue and according to what Mattingly told cops, Lane grabbed her by her hair from behind, threw her to the ground and began punching and kicking her in the face and head.

The surveillance video (below) -- obtained by TMZ -- only shows one physical incident -- where Lane appears to slap Ashley. But Ashley's account is backed up by 3 witnesses who spoke with cops. According to the police report, one witness said he saw Lane punch Ashley in the face and head. The second witness told cops a similar story.

A third witness -- Stephanie -- told cops she saw Lane bang Mattingly's head on the mirror and then punch her 4 times with closed fists. Stephanie says Lane was screaming, "F**k you bitch. You cheated on me."

Ashley says the day after the incident Lane called her and said he was going to kill himself.

Lane also spoke with cops and claimed he never struck Ashely during their relationship.

We know Lane says he wants to fight it, but when he sees the police report we're guessing he's going to cop a plea. His bigger problem is that he faces a parole revocation for a 2007 manslaughter conviction.


No Avatar


Four witnesses and none of them came to her rescue? Pathetic !!

909 days ago


Cheating does not "trigger" domestic violence. Very reckless reporting, TMZ.

909 days ago


She looks like miss Canada

909 days ago


All cheaters need to be slapped women or men ..One bitch slap isn't abuse. Bitch break up with me before you cheat because I will slap your azz if you get caught.

909 days ago

Tiredofthe BS    

Sounds to me as though she deserved it. Cheating is a rule breaker. You cheat in the game of love, then the rules no longer apply.

909 days ago


He is a no talent murderer and she is NOT hot. Give him a bottle of booze and a car to go for a ride.

909 days ago


guess she deserved it then

909 days ago


I'm glad she got her ass beat! She cheated on him through out the relationship.. Just another skank with a dirty ass thinking she's all that! She's lucky he didn't go OJ on her ass!

909 days ago


Well then, it looks like the b*tch got what she deserved then. Slut!

909 days ago


**** that beach blonde hooker, it's bitches like her that take from GOOD men and cheat on GOOD men with the BAD BOYS that actually beat women on a regular basis. She deserved what she got and I would have kicked her backside in! More power to you Lane!

909 days ago


The last straw was him getting drunk at a Playboy party? Not the previous beatings?

909 days ago


Hefner's girls like to have a good time -

Date them at your own risk.

Doesn't this go without saying?

You're looking for a quality relationship =

At the Mansion?

909 days ago


When you think about it, and I do:

She has the perfect name.

Rolls right off the tongue:

"Ashley Mattingly."

Five syllable-girls are usually unattainable.

To wit:

Nadya Suleman.

909 days ago


When they don't want you anymore ...

They just don't want you anymore -

Getting angry about it -

-just reinforces their disinterest.

909 days ago


Hit? Where? Its clear as MUD. If this is all the evidence, there is no case.

909 days ago
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