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Michael Turner to Baby Mama

Stop BASHING Me on Twitter

4/29/2012 8:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0429_michael_turner_getty_01One of Michael Turner's many baby mamas continues to rip him on Twitter despite a court agreement prohibiting her from doing so ... and the star running back wants a judge to get her to stop ... ASAP.

Turner and baby mama Maria Grissom are battling in court over Turner's daycare payments for their daughter. According to documents filed in Georgia, Grissom claims the Atlanta Falcons superstar NEVER pays his daughter's school money on time is demanding he pay her up to four years in advance ... to the tune of $59,121.

But Turner is firing back ... claiming he DOES pay the school on time and it's Grissom who is in the wrong ... blasting his personal life drama all over her Twitter account in violation of their court agreement.

In the docs, Grissom admits to the Twitter rampage, but is adamant that it's Turner's fault ... claiming she had to defend her reputation ever since one of Turner's OTHER baby mamas (he has four in all) was involved in a "ghetto fight" at his house that made national news.

Turner is requesting to pay all the money he owes directly to the day care and NOT to his baby mama, and for her to stop talking trash about him on the internet.

A judge has yet to rule on the case.

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So he wants to pay the school directly instead of giving the money to her...sounds very reasonible.

Also reasonible he wants her to stop trashing him on twitter. It could possibly effect his income. And she wants her child support right?

907 days ago

Twilight Sparkle    

Theres an easy fix to this. Just ask the school about how late the payments are. Dont schools give out receipts? Why not check those? If they were all in order, then drop the case? Case solved, yes?

907 days ago


TMZ used to be about celebs & entertainmant but I don't know who 90% of the people they talk about are anymore - don't care either. Stopped watchimg show & hardly on website anymore - so boring now now.

907 days ago

Jay W.     

It's his fault because of a "ghetto fight." lol Thirty Mile Zone is great... isn't it ?

907 days ago


Dude is old enough to know how to sue a CONDOM. So, here is an idea... STOP HAVING BABIES WITH EVERY GIRL YOU MEET and you wouldn't have to deal with all this "baby mamma drama". Seriously, guys need to learn to keep their penis in their pants, esp when there are women out there willing to get pregnant with your kid SO THEY CAN SUCK MONEY OUT OF YOU. A kid by one of these celebrities equals a free ride for life. Part of my wants to tell them all that they deserve every bad thing that happens to them when it comes to their baby mamma's. The other part of me wants to buy billboards that say "STOP BEING STUPID. USE A CONDOM." Everyone over the age of like, 10 knows where babies come from. Idiots.

907 days ago


4 Baby mama's? This guy is disgusting.

907 days ago


What is the reason for these Africans to impregnate every female that they can? Are they dreaming of Planet Of The Apes? What's worse is the government supporting this financially (with tax dollars borrowed from China).

907 days ago


USE CONDOMS. **** having kids and **** these gold digging bitches.

907 days ago



*Condom breaks*



907 days ago


Hey Brother if you don't want you baby mamas talking about you keep it zipped. Dumb a$$ athletes when will they ever learn.

907 days ago


So maybe next time his dumb, lazy, irresponsible azz will find a condom!! No sympathy from me - it goes with the territority of dealing dropping seed all over the place!!

907 days ago


sticks and stones, etc. let it ride -----don't mater anyhow. she's getting to you, don't be stupid.

907 days ago


So does anyone else see a new tv show in the works, like Football Wives

907 days ago

Poor, poor Mindy ...    

Use a condom you irresponsible, ignorant cretin. You're producing FRAUDbama voters at a terrifying rate and that just AIN'T good for America

907 days ago


This public feuding on twitter is so juvenile. Sick of reading about adults acting like children and airing all their dirty laundry. Judges need to start smacking down the parent/parents that do this.

907 days ago
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