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Pregnant Man's Wife

I'm BROKE and Homeless

4/29/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Pregnant Man's estranged wife Nancy Beatie says her life has been HELL since getting kicked out of her house 2 months ago ... telling TMZ she's been forced to live like a vagabond -- selling scrap gold and sleeping in her car

We broke the story ... Nancy's husband -- transgender man Thomas Beatie -- recently filed for divorce, claiming Nancy is a violent alcoholic. A judge then issued a restraining order against Nancy and limited her time with their 3 kids to just 6 hours per week.

Nancy now tells TMZ ... since being tossed from the house, she's been forced to mooch off friends and at times sleep in her car because she can't afford even the cheapest hotel.

"I'm house sitting right now, cleaning it for another two days ... but I don't know where I'll go after that."

Nancy says she's out of options ... and has resorted to pawning anything she can because she has no other way to make money.

"I have some junk gold that I grabbed when I had to leave ... broken rings and bracelets not worth much but it's a start."

Nancy says she vows to challenge the custody arrangement in the hopes of spending more time with her kids ... "When I have to leave them, I have to hold back tears."

The next hearing for the case is set for May 7 ... where a judge is expected to rule on child support, spousal support and custody.


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Thomas Beatie is NOT a man. SHE is a WOMAN. SHE can mutilate herself until the wars are over, but SHE will always be a WOMAN! So stop calling her a man, TMZ!

906 days ago


I am guessing her drinking really started once she realized what the hell she had done with her life.

906 days ago


Disgusting. Khloe Kardashian would be a better mother, these people don't deserve children.

tsk tsk tsk

906 days ago


This family is having problems?
Gosh....I don't believe it!

906 days ago


Which one wants to be the dude?

906 days ago


People tend to not want people with alcohol issues as house guests. Lay off the booze and maybe a friend will take you in.

906 days ago



906 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

TMZ is still calling that woman a man?
Idiots. You're not the opposite sex just because you're insane and think you have another sex trapped inside you. No matter how many hormones you take or surgeries you have.. if you're born a woman then you're a woman. Quit catering to crazy people, TMZ. It's not a gay or lesbian issue.. it's a mental health issue.

906 days ago


A lot of trans-phobia on here this morning. Sad really. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, because I'm sure you're perfect.

906 days ago


Hey Nancy, get a JOB. That's how people make money. You can sell everything you've got but then you'll still be broke after you spend the money you've obtained from those things unless you get a JOB!!!!

906 days ago


This is an example of what we will see for years to come as more and more of these self-absorbed "people" bring children into their screwed-up worlds, exposing young innocents to men who are actually women, women who are actually men, and "familes" that bear no relationship to the reality of life. If you want to mutilate yourselves in a futile effort to pretend you are something you are not, have at it. But will you freaks of nature please stop exposing innocent children to your lunacy.

906 days ago


guess she didn't like the mangina...Get a JOB PEOPLE! Work like the rest of the world. Get over YOURSELVES! lolz

906 days ago


You know MC brought up an interesting point.

I was thinking about this the other day. And all the posts people put up when this story is mentioned. Calling people "things" or "disgusting" or "abominations" or "freaks".

And then you turn around and say how you feel so sorry for the kids and how hard their life will be.

Well guess what... YOUR part of the reason their lives will be harder. All the AUTOMATIC HATRED for this transgendered person, yes, will make their kids life harder. People like you, teaching their kids to dislike people they don't understand are why kids are going to pick on them more on the play ground.

People like you are why those kids are going to probibly get into fights defending the parents that they love, cause some other little kids parents taught them to call their mom and dad "freaks".

So next time you feel SO SORRY for the kids, remember... it's you and people like you (who label a person freak so quickly) who are contributing factors to their lives being harder.

I had a friend in high school who was abused by many people who have low tolorance for things like this. He had a great attitude about himself. He had high self esteem and generally a happy person until some hate filled person calling him names came along.

I guess I just don't understand all the hate towards these people. They are doing what will make them happy in THEIR life. Why should they be miserable their whole life to make YOU happy? No one is making you change sexes.

906 days ago


Stop airing your dirty laundry.

906 days ago


If you didn't spend so much money on mutilating yourself and/or so time on publicity you might not be broke!

905 days ago
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