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Lane Garrison's Ex

He Needs Rehab

5/4/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lane Garrison
's ex-GF Ashley Mattingly -- whom he allegedly hit in the face during a nuclear argument last month -- tells TMZ, the former "Prison Break" actor has a serious problem ... and he needs treatment, stat.

Ashley was out in L.A. Wednesday, and we asked what advice she had for her ex -- who's still sitting in jail following the April 22nd domestic violence arrest -- and she responded, "Rehab."

It's unclear if Ashley believes Lane needs rehab for substance abuse or anger problems ... or both.

As for Lane's accusations Ashley had sent him incriminating text messages -- Ashley says Lane's full of crap ... no such texts exist.

Lane's expected to plead "not guilty" to the misdemeanor domestic violence charge later today.


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She better shut her mouth before she gets popped again!!!

I keed, I keed!

904 days ago


LoL..... has plenty say now that he's locked up

904 days ago

My Big Salami    

1989 called and wants their ugly purple blouse back!

904 days ago


Two drama queens in a relationship don't mix, obviously.

904 days ago


He must be a very lonely person. If he is willing to claim relationship to Hitler. That is something that
few would admit to themselves, let alone the world at large..Pitiful play for attention.

904 days ago


it just goes to show that the skanks of playboy look nothing like the pages of the retouched mag. this chick is ugly, but ugly and her skin is horrible honey you need help!

904 days ago


It's always 50-50.

They both need help.

And in Hollywood, what's the big deal.

-Once I fix one problem -

- I think where else am I coming up short -

There's no shame in needing help.

But pointing the finger -

Denying we have a hand in it?

This is something Ashley needs to think about.

904 days ago


It's not DO I have-a-hand in this.

Cuz we all have fifty percent, minimum.

It's figuring out WHERE and WHAT my hand is.

People that deny having ANY responsibility/hand?

-Scare me.

904 days ago


....and she needs to stop being an attention whore. They are BOTH in need of some kind of help. These two people are the boy/girl versions of each other. BOTH are desperate for attention and BOTH have an EQUAL part in the fight they had. I watched the video and SHE pushed, shoved and swung at him more than he at her. The part in question where he "hit her" does look a little off to me, but that's just my opinion based on a very short, fuzzy video. She smashed his phone and it almost seems like SHE was the one who instigated the more violent parts of it. HE is just as to blame because he did the same things. So, TMZ, do us all a favor and stop reporting on these two. He's BARELY a celebrity. He was in like, one TV show and is now famous for getting drunk and killing people and now for abuse. She is a nobody. That is all.

904 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Wow, she's a Playboy model? Playboy must have the 21st century equivalent of Leonardo daVinci to make this rather plain looking leg spreader glamorous. Dumb as a brick too, but photo retouching can't do anything about that.

904 days ago


if he needs rehab then she should be right next to him....and tmz needs to get some new news

904 days ago


i thought that was hohan for a moment.
and mr. cartman- i still haven't given up on getting your good friend kyle!

904 days ago


Wow, did the camera man go to high school or was he drunk?

904 days ago


Seriously TMZ, it's beyond time to move on from this story. No one gives a **** about these nobodies.

904 days ago

chris simpson     

all i can do is stare at her BOOBS SEXY!!!!!!

904 days ago

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