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I'm Buying a DUNGEON

With Masturbation Money

5/6/2012 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

has deep, dark plans for the money she's earning with her new solo masturbation video -- telling TMZ, she wants to buy a "dungeon" with the cash ... to keep her and her 14 kids safe from the prying eyes of the public.

Of course, "dungeon" is a metaphor -- what Nadya Suleman means is she wants to buy a house that's far away from everything ... preferably in a low-key gated community ... where she can "hide."

Octo was on her way into Makeup Mandy in West Hollywood this week -- to get a spray tan for her big shoot -- and she told us, "The only dream I have is to buy a safe home for my family."

Octo wouldn't comment on how much she's getting paid for the gig -- but she did say she's extremely nervous. That makes 6 billion of us.


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Could care less whether you like my comment or not,HERE GOES This PROBLEM was created by the Dr" NOT OCTO MOM",and I believe he should be made to pay,he knew she had 6 children,THE DOCTOR should have said NO, also you SELF RIGHTOUS TWITS,while you are putting her down,try getting this generation of 'entitled " BRATS to keep a job.,She is NOT a CASEY ANTHONY,or to you is that better,DRUG HER KIDS AND THROW THEM AWAY FOR THE RATS to have a nice meal.

903 days ago


Hmm!!...Nervous???.....Skanks they are never nervous. ...Especially when they choose such whoring life. I am sure your kids will be happy when they come across your vagina on Net....f*ckin whore.

903 days ago


But you cannot hide from yourself, and you are your worst enemy. Get some help woman and by doing that, you'll help your kids.

903 days ago


I wonder, if later on in her life she will regret making that masturbation video? If she doesn't have the mentality to regret it, I'm sure her kids will. :(

903 days ago


OMG now it's a dungeon she wants? What, so that she can shackle them to the walls? Deep in a dark dungeon where no one can see what she does or doesn't do for those kids.After seeing her use a chair to lock them in their room I wouldn't put it past her.
A gated community? Is she F'n insane? Her delusions of granduer are unbelievable. What is she going to do next when her video doesn't sell ?Who will pay for that gated community dungeon then? Also what will happen when Master Bates comes back to haunt her when the children get older.

903 days ago

BB not bb    

I think she is losing her mind for real. She is speaking of wanting buy a dungeon when she can't even afford her house. A dungeon sounds like she feels like she needs to be punished to get away from the haters. They are making her feel guilty for bearing children. This is so wrong. They are drivng this woman to repulsive extremes.

Crazies are everywhere. The Travyon Marting thing happened in a gated community. Gated just means locked in with the rest of the weirdos. You are safer among witnesses, unless you want to go out and live on a farm somewhere or back in the woods.

She does not need to do this to prove anything to anyone. They keep calling her ugly and a moocher, so maybe she thinks this socalled job will take care of that. It won't. It will add nuts to the list that so far the authorities have not said.

I wish she would just wake up but she is so in over her head, she is going to keep doing whatever seems to relieve her stress for the moment.

This is going from the frying pan to the fire.

903 days ago


A house in a gated community? Seriously? SERIOUSLY Nadya???

I can't imagine anyone ever renting to her, unless they did it as a publicity stunt. She's going to have to suck a lot of c**k to be able to buy a house with cash. A loan is out of the question for the next several years.

Those poor kids... Their own mother is practically begging the pedophiles to come out and play.

She's a total case. One of those children will have to be the sacrificial lamb in order for CPS to step in.

903 days ago


She started this scam a long time ago to fraud society into giving her a reality show. It all started with John and Kate Plus 8. She figured she would have it made like Kate if she could push out more. She has frauded so many assistance programs that it isn't funny. She set out from the get go to commit fraud. Starting with using student loans to pay for the procedures. Using a faked back injury to get workmans comp to pay for more procedures. Then popping out eight children with that bad back. It's tough on a woman's back with just one so how did she carry eight with that injured back??? Pushing a four child stroller up a hilled street didn't look like she had a bad back. I could go on and on but it would turn into a book. Do I feel sorry for Octo? Hell no! She did this to herself. Do I feel sorry for the children? Very much so. But when child protective services don't see a problem then there is a serious problem with that agency. If all the agencies that she has frauded don't see a problem than California is more screwed up than I thought. The Judical system is another screwed up mess there that needs to be fixed too. Way to go Cali, the rest of the Country are watching and shaking their heads on this one.

903 days ago


There has got to be a large old house out on a prairie that she can move into. A big old haunted house that no one else will live in. There's one in every town or outside of town. She could get it cheap. The kids would be entertained when she isn't there, which is most of the time. Why go to the movies when you can get your ghost on in your own home. Maybe if the guys making her masterbation video will get lucky and actually catch something paranormal attacking Octomom. It would go viral.

903 days ago


If that is truley what she wants (which I doubt), to have a nice big house for all her kids away from prying eyes... heres what she should do.

Get out of California!! It is one of the most expensive states to live in and it is tabloid central. Take your money you made off the porn and buy a house somewhere in middle america.

You just have to search the net for a while to find really big houses (not glamorous but big) that arn't that expensive. FORGET THE GATED COMMUNITY. And once you have your nice new big house out in the boondocks...find work.

903 days ago

Joan K    

Can you imagine living next door to this idiot and her 14 kids, she would clean out a neighborhood so fast. I wonder how her kids are going to do later on in life, I sure hope they don't take after her, lordy.

903 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Big houses come with big ass electric bills.

903 days ago


She is freaking gross

903 days ago


she should have considered the mastzrubration thing years ago as an serious alternative. At least as sex with someone who loves her...

903 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

the graffiti spay painted on the walls in her rented home should be enough to take the kids away from her.

What the hell is wrong with Californians? Are they all nuts?

903 days ago
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