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Lindsay Lohan

Settles Beef

With Betty Ford Worker

5/7/2012 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
has called a truce in her war with a former worker at the Betty Ford rehab clinic ... the woman who sued the actress, claiming Lindsay brutalized her after being ordered to take a breathalyzer test.

TMZ broke the story ... the worker -- Dawn Holland -- claimed she tried to administer the breathalyzer after Lindsay had returned to the rehab clinic one night in late 2010 and appeared intoxicated.

According to Holland, Lindsay recoiled in anger, grabbing Holland's right wrist ... "twisting and pulling it for 8-10 seconds."

Lindsay acknowledged there was a scuffle -- but insisted she was provoked by Holland ... and any injuries she may have caused were in self-defense.

The case settled for an undisclosed amount -- we're told Lindsay paid something to make it go away, although we don't know how much.


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Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Skimming over the messages posted on this story over the past WEEK, I find it hysterical that the usual Lindsay enablers have virtually NOTHING to say on the subject of this story - the fact that Lohan paid off Holland to make this story go away. Since the story broke last year, they all claimed that Lohan did nothing wrong.

Don't you just love how Lohan is completely innocent in their tiny little minds, yet as soon as she pays someone off, it's not an admission of guilt, but that she just wants to put this behind her and concentrate on her "comeback".

Newsflash morons - If you are completely innocent, you DO NOT voluntarily pay someone off, EVER. Just like if you're innocent of stealing a necklace, you DO NOT plead "no contest"... EVER!


892 days ago


Good morning is gorgeous here, the air is brisk and rumor is that Linds has left the room....

892 days ago


lindsay arrived just in time to send around a campfire in the middle of courtneys apartment.
while smoking a cartoon of ciggies and washing away the evil spirits (with evil spirits) Vodka.they chanted to
their own untranslatable music from their greatest hits album..

892 days ago


the encino property, could not of been I imagine she owes a pretty penny in property tax,as well as insurance...
an who ever else has a lien on it.
like to know the value of it..
if she neglected all her bills. then that property probably is owed more then its worth

892 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Hi Andy! How are you?

892 days ago


all they need is gilbert godfrey, and fran dreasur to join lielo and courney for that bon fire gala of chanting and you would have quartet of annoying voices...
but from what I heard lindsy lip-chants

892 days ago


you want to see some nuts people on twitter look up "LordARTHUR (BLACKCHROME11)"

892 days ago


Good morning,

There's talk that last night Lindsay returned to LA on a private plane with Gavin Doyle.

892 days ago


Also, Andy, I'm sorry to hear about the VA mix-up. I hope they get you approved soon.

892 days ago


Here's Gavin Doyle's instagram picture with a caption that says, "Hello LA".

892 days ago


brit scoring millions..while lindsay will be fired from a lifetime to love it.

892 days ago


Good Morning all :) Beauiful day here on Long Island
Dont know if you saw these yet, "Last Chance Lohan" is wearing a bra! Hell froze over and check out her shirt with holes in it. She is such a fashion

892 days ago


I dont have time to go back and read all the pages from yesterday, can someone upodate me please : )
Did they start filming?

892 days ago


I wonder if LL took Vikram's private jet back to LA.

892 days ago



Time Warner owns TMZ and TMZ is a valuable property because it is gaining market share (as opposed to Time Magazine which is losing readers) as people get their news in electronic form if they care enough to get news at all. Newspapers are losing ad dollars and dying in droves while web sites are popping up like daisies in more specialized fields. Cheap cost of business entry, eh? And the commercial ad dollars follow the biggest “mind shares”.

Those ad dollars are allocated by clicks (eye balls) and stickiness (how long they stay) people come here to get celebrity news including other news organizations. Though we don’t think so, TMZ is actually a trusted source of information and was recognized recently as such.

TMZ uses Lindsay to attract viewers; she is a product they sell for advertising dollars. We sh!t on their product and attract more viewers as well as provide a service of aggregating what everyone else everywhere has to say about Linds. We build TMZ credibility so long as we don’t kill the product. As viewers we count among his hit numbers, audience and we stay the longest. We are an asset and mixed blessing.

TMZ pays” tips” for news leads and tries to “manage” the stories as they develop, hence the “Lindsay Defenders”. If Linds goes to jail or Mel joins a Seminary with a vow of silence, TMZ needs a new product to flog. It is hard to find fvck ups of this magnitude.

TMZ is low budget, high volume views, and at the intersection of old business models and new business models on the road to where technology will take us as individuals and demographics. The bountiful advertising dollars will follow us wherever we go. And our topics will follow us to our cell phones.

TMZ is trying to build its revenue base by branching out into TV, Internet Broadcasts and Bus Tours. Those old media models are more stable revenue streams.

It is a lovely pseudo summer day here in Vancouver, I am about to put on some Beach Boys music with all the car songs in memory of Carroll Shelby, and start smearing sh!t on the walls of this TMZ nearly a week old stinking thread. And I am going to do it from a loving place, eh?

Choose your topic, Like is Lindsay’s Vag; Hate is Lindsay’s Mind. Following my links will be harsh on the eyes and may result in blindness by Sunday afternoon.

892 days ago
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