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Wow. Just wow. Is this guy trying to get his customers who would have bought this shirt killed or severely injured? Non members sporting the Death Head logo? Are you crazy!?!

812 days ago


haha~ Those boys don't (appreciate) being copied.....even if it's not exact. I would remove that b.s. or someone is gonna get a beatin! haha.

812 days ago


They will have a "chat" with him soon. You can't steal from them and get away with it, watch.

812 days ago

the Blinding    

Even if they are a bunch of murderers, I'm not afraid to say that the Hell's Angels are a bunch of rapists who force the stupid women that hang on them into prostitution and drug peddling. All of the comments giving them props and reverence is revolting. Criminals should not be glorified so it was stupid on this lame-ass wangster's part to use their logo but it's also stupid that so many people "respect" these rapists just because they don't want to get their asses beat by a bunch of murdering racists. It's funny cause all of the racists would be calling them out for having a history of quickly resorting to violence to settle disputes but because they are a mostly-white gang, people are licking their asses.

812 days ago

Keyser Söze    

Very funny clip.

Can't blame Dyrdek on supposedly selling out Pfaff - wouldn't you do the same exact thing if your dumbass cousin literally put you on the radar of the most dangerous outlaw gangs out there?

As for you, Drama... dude, blaming your idiotic graphic designer doesn't get you off the hook - you're his boss, aren't you? Aren't you suppose to check out the crap your team comes up with?

Anyway, evidently, the fact that all the extremely dangerous Hells seems to be held in prison right now seems to have prevented you from getting a major beatdown... so count your blessing, stupid, and, for chrissake, if another one of your employees comes up with a octopus design, make sure it has nothing to do with the Cosa Nostra before using it!

812 days ago


So... where is his body?

812 days ago


If push comes to shove, hide in Laughlin. The Angels won't look there.

812 days ago


Seriously laugh my ass off. I would be pretty scared too

812 days ago

Billy Bob    

I really am glad our youth isn't as stupid as I thought they were. A check and a good apology might save you an azz whipping of ginormous magnitude. Don't joke around with these guys, kids. They don't joke very well. ;)

812 days ago


Two thumbs up guys. Maturity, not such a bad thing. You have to be sober to drive a motorcycle.

811 days ago


Yes, please, let's glamorize and make the Hells Angels logo mainstream and fashionable! WTF is this world coming to!?! Ignorant Fools.

810 days ago


Goes to show you Rob,s cousin is a talentless dweeb.

807 days ago


im thinking they had a friend who was young.and he had a hobby,,,drawing,,,,,and this idiot asked the kid to come up with some idea's for a shirt,,,,the kid is young and ran out of idea' he borrowed designs he seen in magazines or where ever ,,,thinking no one would ever know...remember he was probably yound and not to smart.....and robs cousin probably never took the time to make sure the artwork was all had to be something like this....they can not be that dumb to steal from the angels,,,,

807 days ago

Concerned Citizen    

Dyrdek stealing? no, come on, not from the guy who (allegedly) bilked millions out of cities, during a recession, with his construction pal Joe Ciaglia. Dyrdek even calls his part of their scam a "donation!" he is (allegedly) guilty of multiple felonies, so this small theft is no surprise.

800 days ago


Sure just mass produce shirts sporting Death heads then act like its not a big deal because your not going to do that anymore ....Some people just don't get it but there's a universal language that even deaf and blind people understand's called PAIN !

786 days ago
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