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Against Me! Singer

I'm a Woman Trapped

in a Man's Body

5/9/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

The lead singer of the band Against Me! -- famous for their hit "I Was a Teenage Anarchist" -- tells Rolling Stone he's becoming a woman ... but he's NOT attracted to men.

According to the magazine, 31-year-old Tom Gabel says he has a condition called gender dysphoria ... just like Chaz Bono (except in reverse) ... and has questioned his sexual identity since he was a kid.

Tom says he will take hormones and undergo electrolysis to help his transformation into a woman ... and is considering undergoing surgery to aid in the process.

Gabel tells the magazine his new name will be Laura Jane Grace.

Despite the transformation, Tom says he's NOT attracted to men ... and will still be married to his wife ... with whom he shares a 2-year-old daughter.


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Sweet Jesus, his wife must have LOVED that conversation...

900 days ago


"and will still be married to his wife" But... would his wife still be attracted to him if he was a female..

900 days ago

Bad Dog    

Wait, I am confused. If he is going to still be married to his wife but is becoming a woman, does that make him a lesbian?

900 days ago


Huh? If he wants to become a woman, he's going to have to do more than "consider" surgery to aid in the process. And his wife is really on board with this? "Sure honey, I'll become a lesbian for you, no sweat..." Methinks I smell a stunt.

900 days ago

There's a problem here    

I'm not sure who this person is but after he gets his cojones removed he'll be able to hit all the high notes.

900 days ago


lmao freaks...
his poor wife.... she is to become a lesbian now? and his baby, "its okay sweetie, instead of a daddy and a mommy, you'll now have 2 mommies!" omg lol

900 days ago

northern gypsy    

what??? ok i'm confused (like i'm not alone) he's becoming a woman...however...he's doesn't like men...sooo he's a wanna be lesbian ??? i'm pretty sure that's not what his wife signed up for...don't get me started about the daughter !!!

900 days ago


I have a serious question. If he takes steps to legally become a "woman" and he lives in one of those hate states like North Carolina will he still have a legal marriage? Another question is if anyone thinks his wife is a lesbian because if my husband wanted to become a woman I'd cut it off myself and toss it out the door while I waved buh by to him.

900 days ago


No doubt about it the guy is a LIBERAL, explains it all.

900 days ago


I'm sure his wife would just prefer he wear an angora sweater and heels occasionally at the dinner table.

900 days ago


I don't understand this. People that are anorexic, "see" themselves as fat. Their vision of their body is distorted, due to serious emotional issues. We do not perform gastric bypass surgeries on anorexics. How do we not know that SOME cases of "gender dysphoria" are actually a result of serious emotional problems? The surgery is extreme, with no going back. I hope he gets a lot of therapy before. I wish him well.

900 days ago


Da fuq? O_o.

I feel bad for his wife and daughter.

900 days ago


wow, this will be great for his child, knows him as Daddy now, sees him as daddy now, and now will be forced to accept him for what he's not. yikes, thats so messed up.
Dude just stay the way you are.

900 days ago


OOHH I get it, with the Chicago Nato summit coming up and possibly one of the worst riots possible may occur, what better then to have a theme song, so this is why he is coming out with this.
he wants his song to come out more so they will use it.

900 days ago


His poor kid and wife. What an ass. If that's what he wanted to do he should have never gotten married and had a kid. It is despicable to do that to someone. I hope she leaves his ass and takes the kid before he totally screws her up.

900 days ago
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