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Against Me! Singer

I'm a Woman Trapped

in a Man's Body

5/9/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The lead singer of the band Against Me! -- famous for their hit "I Was a Teenage Anarchist" -- tells Rolling Stone he's becoming a woman ... but he's NOT attracted to men.

According to the magazine, 31-year-old Tom Gabel says he has a condition called gender dysphoria ... just like Chaz Bono (except in reverse) ... and has questioned his sexual identity since he was a kid.

Tom says he will take hormones and undergo electrolysis to help his transformation into a woman ... and is considering undergoing surgery to aid in the process.

Gabel tells the magazine his new name will be Laura Jane Grace.

Despite the transformation, Tom says he's NOT attracted to men ... and will still be married to his wife ... with whom he shares a 2-year-old daughter.


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I think since his band hand no identity he decided to give it one by pulling this publicity stunt. Call me a neanderthal, but I don't buy this gender dysphoria stuff. Clearly, the guy has severe psychological issues, but being a woman trapped in a man's body? Seriously? Does that mean a white person can feel like a black person, an Asian? An individual's identity is only partly, predicated upon his/her gender. Being a man/woman doesn't dictate ones interests, passions, hobbies or even sexual orientation. Essentially, it determines whether you go to the bathroom sitting down or standing up and whether or not you can get impregnated and carry a baby to term (Something this guy will never be able to do-with or without surgery). I don't know the statistics, but I find it hard to believe that transgenders live blissful lives after the procedures- as it may resolve some issues, but it opens up a myriad of new ones.

862 days ago


His poor wife. "Sorry honey, I think I'm really a woman & I'm going to chop my d*ck off now." I hope she leaves him, he's mentally ill.

862 days ago

Just Reading    

But no one wants to admit this is a serious mental illness because saying so just is PC (politically correct).

862 days ago


I likes this band better when they were called The Killers

862 days ago


ok - i get the whole "figuring out who you are" thing - everyone goes through that. but, when you're talking about drastically mutilating yourself because you believe that you were supposed to have been born a different gender, you just need psychological help. you are filled with nothing more than self-hatred...and you need to talk to someone who can help you to change your perceptions. i am NOT a hater. but, this is serious sh!t - and people are making drastic changes without even understanding the rammifications of their actions. men are not built to be women - and women are not built to be men, period. you will NOT suddenly be blessed with working will not suddenly love yourself. if anything, it will be the opposite. if you make these changes, you better be prepared for the psychological trauma that is sure to follow. i just can't understand this sh!t. ACCEPT YOURSELVES PEOPLE. it aint easy - i know. but, if you can just learn to love yourself for who you are, the "prison" in which you live will suddenly disappear.

862 days ago


Yeah ... good luck with that, I predict his marriage falls apart. Sounds way too complicated to work, she might compromise for a minute ... but somewhere along the way they'll split.

862 days ago


That's just lovely.

862 days ago


Good for him.

But come on, TMZ, Famous for "I was a teenage anarchist?" That **** came out last year. They have been putting records out since 2000. Amazing records with a huge following.

862 days ago


I think it's beautiful that his wife is so supportive, it's not about being a lesbian or turning this or turning that, she obviously truly loves him! I love it

862 days ago


His music videos won't be the same after that.....

862 days ago


Tom Gabel Wife is Heather, this is her and her their adorable daughter Evelyn, Heather is an amazing artist!

862 days ago


I really wish that we would stop catering to these mentally ill people. I mean, the mental illness that makes pedophiles have an abnormal sexual attraction is recognized for what it is, but yet we seem to legalizing/accpeting all the other mental illnesses.

862 days ago


Ugh, if "I was a teenage anarchist" is what he is famous for, people obviously haven't listened to this bands older stuff. That album was horrible! Reinventing Axl Rose and New Wave were the good times!

862 days ago


You people on TMZ are some of the most incompetent, ignorant, and naive human beings I've ever seen given the ability to open their mouths. Tom was a hero to many people and will continue to be as Laura. The support from his bandmates and family has been incredible and when the article in RollingStone is released, you'll see what it means to care about someone's happiness and putting your feelings aside. It's not about what's right, it's not about what's wrong, it's about Laura being happy with herself. Happiness is something we're all chasing right? Who are we to say what anybody wants to be happy is wrong? I'm a christian as well, and an Against Me! fan. This is a ground-breaking moment for rock music, as well as a ground-breaking moment in the lgbt community. The world is a different place, instead of bashing something, try to understand it, and if you fail, try again.

862 days ago


This is my first time on TMZ and hopefully my last - the writing in this article is grotesque and offensive.

All the best to Tom.

862 days ago
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