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Against Me! Singer

I'm a Woman Trapped

in a Man's Body

5/9/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The lead singer of the band Against Me! -- famous for their hit "I Was a Teenage Anarchist" -- tells Rolling Stone he's becoming a woman ... but he's NOT attracted to men.

According to the magazine, 31-year-old Tom Gabel says he has a condition called gender dysphoria ... just like Chaz Bono (except in reverse) ... and has questioned his sexual identity since he was a kid.

Tom says he will take hormones and undergo electrolysis to help his transformation into a woman ... and is considering undergoing surgery to aid in the process.

Gabel tells the magazine his new name will be Laura Jane Grace.

Despite the transformation, Tom says he's NOT attracted to men ... and will still be married to his wife ... with whom he shares a 2-year-old daughter.


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You're about to make a big mistake. Everything that you've touch is about to turn to ish.

867 days ago



867 days ago

Heinrich Atomic    

This story has no real content.

867 days ago


i always felt like i am a princess trapped in a peasant's body.

867 days ago


I don't speak nor write english that well but here i go
I support gay marriage and transvestism, i don't believe in religion so my next comment has nothing to do with religion nor spiritual beliefs , I think gender dysphoria is in most cases a psychological desease and has to be treat like one, it's like someone who's white but thinks he is black, we all know he's white why doctors would advice him to ''darken'' his skin instead of treating the real problem, which is his mental or emotional illness.
There may be people who truly feel in the wrong body and have hormonal issues or other things that doctors consider belongs to the opposite gender and then diagnostic them with gender dysphoria but all of those people know since they were really young, i've been seen cases of people realising their true self at the age of 18 or 20, to me those cases are just desires, not true cases of gender dysphoria
but of course this is MY opinion

867 days ago


I really don't have a problem with what he's doing, to each their own I guess...but I do feel sorry for his wife. I'm sure she was not a lesbian when she married a man, but it sounds like she will have to become one to stay married to her husband/wife?!? Wow, she must really love him if she chooses to stay, I don't know if I could.

867 days ago


Not this again. Why do these people wait until they have brought children into the world to screw up to decide to do this. He must have always felt this way so why drag others into it

867 days ago

Marco Polo    

Good grief! Is he saying that he's a LESBIAN trapped in a man's body?? Aren't hetero men all lesbians by nature anyway? LOL

867 days ago


So here's my 2 cent on these things... If you're gay / les then you're gay / les; that's fine in my book and gay / les is not a form of disease and/or mental illness according to the norms of society (still ok in my book regardless of how society views it). But then you have this ****, "a condition called gender dysphoria" and need to "take hormones and undergo electrolysis to help...transformation into a" [gender]; if that's not some sort of ****ing mental disorder, then I don't know what is. If "gender dysphoria" is considered "normal" then our society as a whole would really need to re-evaluate as to what is truly considered mentally ill or not because whose to say that those that are classified mentally insane, are indeed, truly insane?!? Riddle me that TMZ!!

867 days ago


would he give ed wood?

867 days ago


Wow, Tom, so was this the catalyst for growing your hair? Unless you're punking the media. I'm not really sure how to take this at all...

867 days ago


It is interesting that so many men who become women prefer women! Lot of hoop jumping (OK....extreme pain and $$$) to still be with women.....

867 days ago


I'm on board with gay marriage and complete marriage equality. I respect men who want to be women and vice versa. Whoever they feel that they should be, then that is who they should be. But this man has a wife and daughter now involved. He knew from childhood that he felt different, but chose to change after marriage and producing a child? Now that to me, is plain selfish.

867 days ago


I am a huge fan of her band and have followed her career for years. I am happy for her to take such a huge step in claiming her identity. Luckily, she belongs to the punk community; a community that embraces being your true self. Her fans are more concerned about what will happen to her amazing voice.

867 days ago


I LOVE Against Me! I have ever since I was first introduced to them in 2004. I couldn't be happier for Gabel that he'll find the happiness that he's lacked most of his life. Like a lot of people that don't feel "whole", they try to live a life of what is thought to be normal, and then come to realize it's not working out. I am pretty disheartened to the fact that I may not be able to see them play live in the future and this tour maybe his last as himself. His voice will change and to those people that love the odd and unusual type of punk rock style, he will surely be missed and his voice is SO recognizable, it maybe hard to find a replacement if they choose to go on with out him. But in the end everyone's happiness matters and he is entitled to his. How dare you people judge when you can't even come close to understanding what he's going thru. I love Against Me! and I love Gabel...

867 days ago
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