Brendan Fraser Sues Over 'William Tell' Pay Me My $2 Million!!!

5/9/2012 2:44 PM PDT

Brendan Fraser Sues Over 'William Tell' Movie -- Pay Me My $2 Million!!!


Brendan Fraser claims the producers behind a new 3D movie about William Tell have screwed him out of more than $2 million in acting fees -- and now, he's suing for every penny ... plus more.

Brendan filed the lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court -- claiming producer Todd Moyer hired him to act in "The Legend of William Tell: 3D" in early 2011, promising to begin shooting in October of that year.

Brendan claims he fully committed to the schedule -- passing up several other lucrative acting jobs to remain available for the William Tell gig.

But according to the lawsuit, Moyer couldn't stay on schedule due to financing problems -- relegating the William Tell project to development hell. The movie is still listed in pre-production on IMDb.

Brendan says his contract guarantees a payout of $2.25 million whether the film shoots or not -- and now, he wants all that money ... plus additional damages. All told, Brendan wants more than $3 million.

Todd Moyer tells TMZ, "This is the first I have heard of this lawsuit. As we told Mr. Fraser’s reps,  we are ready, willing and able to make the movie for the September 3rd start date. [Producer] Julius Nasso and I have the movie fully financed."

Moyer adds, "Unfortunately, Mr. Fraser does not seem to be interested in making the movie as a 2D film as the producers intend to do. This is not a contractual decision Mr. Fraser has the ability to make."