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Pregnant Man

My Wife's Violent Rampage

... Caught on Tape

5/10/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Months before he filed for divorce ... the Pregnant Man was attacked by his wife ... who also manhandled their daughter and smashed the family computer ... and he captured it all on tape.

In the footage, expected to be filed as evidence in their bitter divorce battle, Thomas Beatie enters a kids' playroom in his Arizona home ... to find his wife Nancy passed out on the floor.

When Nancy wakes up ... she flies into a rage -- picking up her daughter in a sleeper-hold and dragging her into the next room. 

Nancy then inexplicably directs her ire towards Thomas -- attacking him with various household objects ... including the couple's laptop.

Moments later, Nancy takes the computer into the backyard ... smashes it on the ground and tosses it into the pool while Thomas and the kids tearfully plead for her to stop.

TMZ broke the story ... Thomas filed for divorce in February -- claiming Nancy is a violent alcoholic and a danger to their children. Sources close to Thomas tell us he started filming Nancy to show her how she acts when she's intoxicated.

The couple is due back in court on Wednesday to hash out custody and child support arrangements.

We reached out to Nancy for comment -- so far, no response.


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He was more upset about the computer than he was about her dragging that poor child around by the throat. WTF?!?!

865 days ago

Mrs Butters    

I don't know who is more pathetic, that drunken nutcase, or the wussy man/woman causing emotional distress, and not protection for the children

865 days ago


They're both seriously messed up. Those poor, poor kids. What a completely dysfunctional home to have to grow up in.

865 days ago


This is pathetic and looks like a "reality show". They are sick people and 75% of it seemed fake. They could have told the kids that this is all fake so just repeat what I say("Don't do it"). That woman was just barely stomping on that laptop. Also, she just threw it in a floatable innertube. It sure looks like that computer is fine. Obviously, they didn't care about the children or how it affects them. Plus, that acting during and especially at the end was pathetic! Who cries like that over a stupid laptop? He could have easily stopped her but instead just filmed away. This is their way of shopping their reality show.

865 days ago

paulie daniel    

She is clearly drunk or high, you can see it in her eyes.

865 days ago


what the ****........................ maybe is she left her alone should wouldnt get all angry she was tempting her.

865 days ago


Next time don't disturb her sleep lol

865 days ago


Talk about a dysfunctional family! Freakin weirdos. A woman who says she's a man. A woman alcoholic who shares a bed with a woman and are raising what, 3 kids? Is this the "New Modern Family" being pressed upon our society today. And many in the US want Gay Marriage. This society is crumbling as we know it. Soon, there will be a push for adults and children to have relations. Don't believe it. Google: Man Boy Love Association. Gay Marriage wouldnt have ever been conceived some 30 years ago, but now, it's their right? People please! What's next?

865 days ago


sad how u can almost hear his kid say to him...don't worry dad, stop cryin' it's gonna be o.k...
Man Up pregnant dude!!...or Man Up you!! cuz im a girl and went throu bad stuff with my baby daddy but i would try to keep it together in front of my kid. cmon....

865 days ago


The "Pregnant Man" isn't even WOMAN enough to slap the **** out of this chick. She can forget about being a man.

865 days ago


poor kids is what i have to say. Also tho - once a girl always a girl - hear him/her whimpering and crying? jesus.

865 days ago


It looks like a man but still cries like a bitch.

865 days ago


um you wanted to be a man? cowboy the hell up stop crying and acting like a little girl!

865 days ago


Thomas sounded like a scared mother. Then Thomas kept asking why is she doing that, which kept scaring the kids even more. The moment my husband would have put his hands on my kids the way that lady did, we would have had problems. The camera would have hit the floor & my child would have been safe away from the monster hurting her.

865 days ago


This madwoman probably has been an alcoholic for sometime...why on earth did they have children together when the situation was clearly unstable to begin with...............

865 days ago
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