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Pregnant Man

My Wife's Violent Rampage

... Caught on Tape

5/10/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Months before he filed for divorce ... the Pregnant Man was attacked by his wife ... who also manhandled their daughter and smashed the family computer ... and he captured it all on tape.

In the footage, expected to be filed as evidence in their bitter divorce battle, Thomas Beatie enters a kids' playroom in his Arizona home ... to find his wife Nancy passed out on the floor.

When Nancy wakes up ... she flies into a rage -- picking up her daughter in a sleeper-hold and dragging her into the next room. 

Nancy then inexplicably directs her ire towards Thomas -- attacking him with various household objects ... including the couple's laptop.

Moments later, Nancy takes the computer into the backyard ... smashes it on the ground and tosses it into the pool while Thomas and the kids tearfully plead for her to stop.

TMZ broke the story ... Thomas filed for divorce in February -- claiming Nancy is a violent alcoholic and a danger to their children. Sources close to Thomas tell us he started filming Nancy to show her how she acts when she's intoxicated.

The couple is due back in court on Wednesday to hash out custody and child support arrangements.

We reached out to Nancy for comment -- so far, no response.


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the woman was taking a NAP.. this is how real moms nap while men are doing jack sht like cheating. Obviously he pisses off the child so she has to get up and tend to them. she did NOT manhandle anyone the kid was crying and the kid is large she was carrying them into the kitchen and puts them down nicely and asks PGMan what he did. She is obviously asleep and barely awake.

Then it jumps to the computer where she taps it on a rock and gives PGman plenty of time to apologize and save it but he is choosing to cry over a computer and not his marraige??? tells ya how badly he's in love with his computer relationship. She has every right to be pissed. he was cheating on her with the babysitter!!!!!!

865 days ago


They're both F****d up. Mom was bad enough but for dad to start WEEPING in front of the children over a computer...c'mon, really. It was really self indulgent of both of them. Neither one of them seemed to give two sh*ts about the kids. A**holes.

865 days ago


that was clearly staged cause he's fake crying was the worst i have ever heard it u believed it for a second ur jus as crazy as them

865 days ago


Maybe next time the he/she/it thing will learn not to continually shove a camera in someone's face to piss them off. But, I don't see any reason you would see a problem with following someone around and cramming a camera down their throat.

865 days ago


Disgusting freaks! They should be placed under investigation, just to protect those children!

865 days ago


What a tragedy! This doesn't need to be happening...ESPECIALLY in front of the children who are obviously affected and bothered by the argument and violence going on between their parents. It's sad that THIS will be what their children think is a normal home environment.

865 days ago


That was 3:13 I'm never going to get back.. This is why circus side-shows went away...the freakshow is now on your computer FOR FREE!!!

Those poor, poor kids.

865 days ago

Jack Asserson    

You can give a woman a penis, but she is just a woman with a penis. What a drama queen.

865 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Hey, "dad," YOU are part of the problem here!!! Crying and fretting (like a woman, btw) in front of the children UPSETS the children!!!!!! Duh!!!!! Do you seriously think that's GOOD for the children?!?!?!

Don't play your wife's games. LET her trash the computer! SO WHAT?!?! It's NOT the end of the world!!!

Oh, and I can see why you chose to have kids with this woman. She's a real winner!

And how the !@#$%^^& do you afford that awesome house?!?! You loser idiots don't deserve to live that well.

865 days ago


Obviously, they BOTH need a little counseling. I don't think the kids should be w/either of them until they've gone through MAJOR counseling - the whole family, kids included! However, I don't think the MOM should get custody at all until she can prove consistently, that she is sober. . .Wow!

865 days ago


OK, there's SO many things I could say here but the most important thing is WHY ARE THE KIDS RUNNING AROUND WATCHING THEIR PARENTS FIGHT LIKE THAT!????? That woman is being so violent!! Lock the kids in the furthest room with their favorite movie or drop them off at a best friend's house to play. WHY WOULD YOU FIGHT LIKE THAT WITH THE KIDS HEARING YOU YELL AND CRY AND FREAK OUT!?? THAT IS WRONG!

865 days ago


Seems kinda fake to me. Who'd just stand there and watch someone act like that for real........don't see why they'd involve the kids, tho.

865 days ago


Someone call child protective services and gets these kids away from these lesbians. They need a normal house, not a circus with a bearded lady!

865 days ago


They were both willing participants in that. How horrible that they would do it in front of their children and involve them in such destruction. The man/mom should have dropped the camera and taken the kids elsewhere. Horrible. THey don't deserve children and now this will make it hard for all other man/mom's in the world

865 days ago


take those kids away before she does something to one of them if that guy would get some balls he would get up take the kids and leave thate insane bitch

865 days ago
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