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Kris Humphries

Who Wants to Kick Me

in the Genitals?

5/11/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries
KNOWS he's been tagged a douchebag ... he KNOWS people are laughing at him ... but now, he's finally getting in on the joke.

KH just completed a video for FunnyOrDie.com ... in which he tries to capitalize on the fact he's the most hated player in the NBA ... the kind of guy most Americans want to "punch in the face."

In the clip, two "agents" give Kris a crash course in how to cash in on his d-bagness -- with products that include a video game which allows haters to repeatedly "kick you in the d**k."

"No points or anything ... just d**k kicking."

And it gets BETTER -- during the sketch, there's a veiled shot at Kanye West ... as Kris dons KW's trademark shutter sunglasses in an effort to look like a "douchebag."

But one of the agents quickly tells Kris to ditch the shades ... saying, "We don't want you to look like an a**hole ... we just want you to look like a douchebag." Snap.

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No Avatar


pretty funny, the guy is a douche

866 days ago


"Way to ruin the Lion King for me."
"You haven't seen the Lion King?"
"No, it's in the vault."

My favorite lines.

866 days ago


Sorry, but Kanye West is a FAAAAARRRRR bigger d-bag than Kris. At least Kris looks like he actually is into women for more than just a public beard.

866 days ago


It's sad that a bunch of us old timers that have been here awhile have progressivelly watched the downfall of TMZ. I thought I was the only one turned off by the juvenile writing of the staff, the azz kissing that is going on all the time for Reality starz that we can't stand. This is suppose to be about ACTORS, not every TOM DlCK and HARRY that wants to strip and get wasted for the camera. Have you notice that everyone of them have stripped for the cameras because they can't act. Lindsay Lohand, Kim Lardassian, and of course Octo***** Nadya Suleman. Harvey needs to listen to his posters, they will let him know what sells and what doesn't. But NOooooo, he is a paid for bitch which I guess puts him in the same class as the Reality starz.

866 days ago


It takes a big man that can poke fun of himself, no pun intended. I never watched their show so I don't know how he acted. But he seems like a nice guy that is trying to right a wrong and the wrong won't let him make it right.

866 days ago


TMZ received an Exclusive from FunnyOrDie. That's like saying you bought your pizza with a coupon.

866 days ago


OMG....That is too funny. He is way cuter than anyone should be. I'm so glad he has kept his sense of humor. He's hiliarous! More KH please......

866 days ago


People are OVER your Kardashian A S S kissing, TMZ. It might take people a while to leave your site for good...but it will happen. I remember visiting Perez's site daily, until I finally got sick of him and his A S S kissing. I no longer go there, and I don't miss it one bit. Starting to feel the same way about your site. FIX IT!

866 days ago

Chi-city momma    

GOOD FOR KRIS! If you can't laugh at yourself and your haters, you've got nothing!
LOVE the Kanye reference! "We don't want you to look like an a-hole, just a douchebag" LMAO

866 days ago


Who hates him? Why? He was suckered into Kim's fraud of a wedding. I don't know anyone who blames this man for what happened. Is KrisJ or Kim paying you people to write this stuff?

866 days ago


I bet that if TMZ (The Katrashians ass suckers) do a poll asking who is hated more out of Kim Whoredashian and Kris, Kim would definitely win. People DO NOT, DO NOT like the Katrashians, especially Kim. Why you keep putting down Kris? What has he done that's so bad in comparison to what Kim has done? I am from the Caribbean and my friends and I CANNOT stand that (S)*** bucket. You guys at TMz are the REAL DOUCHEBAGS! You guys SUCK !

866 days ago


How funny When you can make fun of your self, it shows that you don't give a f what anyone thinks good for him, lets see kk; do something like this

866 days ago


TMZ should stop doing everything the Kartrashians TELL them to do.

866 days ago


That was lame, on the part of Funny or Die. Team Kris H.!!!

866 days ago


Finally something entertaining posted on this site!!! I thought it was freaking hilarious and an awesome move on kris' part. Made him actually seem likeable for 2.5 minutes.

866 days ago
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