Kobayashi I Drank 42 Cups of Coffee ... & Didn't Crap My Brains Out

5/13/2012 12:35 AM PDT

Kobayashi -- I Drank 42 Cups of Coffee ... And Didn't Crap My Brains Out!


Competitive eating monster Takeru Kobayashi downed a gut-busting 42 CUPS of coffee for his latest food stunt -- but his rep tells TMZ, the chowdown champ handled the massive caffeine jolt like a champ ... in fact, he didn't even have to poop.

Kobayashi's rep tells TMZ, Kobayashi was a tad jittery afterwards -- but overall, he was totally fine.

The rep says Kobayashi didn't eat anything before the stunt -- shot a couple weeks ago as a promotional video for Eight O'Clock Coffee -- and "That's why he didn't get the sh*ts."

The rep adds, "Actually, the only thing after the insane amount of coffee was that he kept having to go pee over and over again ... so many times."

FYI -- a lethal dose of caffeine would require between 80-100 cups of coffee.