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Usher's Ex-Wife

Don't Leave Me Homeless!

5/15/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

's ex-wife Tameka Foster will be out on the street in less than 60 days -- if Usher wants it that way, and she's totally freaked out.

Sources tell us, the couple -- who's trying to settle a nasty custody dispute -- is deadlocked in mediation, and the biggest bone of contention is Usher's Georgia mansion.

Tameka's currently living there -- but under the divorce settlement Usher can sell the property whenever he wants ... as long as he gives her a 60-day heads up.

We're told Tameka fears Usher is going to pull the trigger -- leaving her buried in legal debt with no place to live -- so she's asking him for a permanent home for her and Usher's kids.

Usher's response ... no way, no how. He says he's already paid her enough.

And that's why judges are in business. The trial continues later this month.


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Usher should have listened to his mother when she tried to tell him not to marry Tameka. BUT he made that choice and look at the fallout. Lesson to be learned from all of this: mama knows best!~ Tameka is mother and an adult who should KNOW to make her own paper, to look out for her and her children.IF Usher wants to sell his house then so be it. Babygirl needs to woman up and get a new spot to live. I'm sure with the child support she's getting from the father of her other kids AND her income she can afford it. IF u can rock $400 weaves and $4k purses u CAN afford to pay your own rent/mortgage.

861 days ago


A real MAN would buy a house in trust to his children then let his ex and kids life permanently there. He cheated on her left and right, grow up!

861 days ago


I detest women who use kids as tools to try and get a free home. They should be strung up and set out to dry. Go to work, earn your own paycheck and buy your own home you leeches.

861 days ago


Tameka does have a job she owns her own business and her other 3 children are by her ex-husband. If this story is true i think it's totally wrong for him to kick all of them out of that house that they have been living in for years. They both need to do better for all the kids involved.

861 days ago


why not pay her to "oversee" his funds??

861 days ago

tired of celeb gold diggers    

We all know Usher caused some of the drama. But she is in the view of the public. Everyone, around the world knows Usher build his fame long before meeting her. She is receives more than money in child support and alimony than a non celeb status type person would ever make in 5 years. My question to her, why do she feel she will not have any place to go when he sells the house that he had owned long before they met? Why would you want to stay in there knowing that you will be putting your kids thru a lot of drama? Greed is addictive. She need to do as the court ask and come to a solution over the kids and stop all the drama. The only thing she is doing is burning up her kid's money on lawyers and for what ,,,,,, a larger payday? The laws truly need to be rewritten to put a stop to this gold diggin and prevent those with prenups from challengin it.

861 days ago


Sounds exactly like Neon Deons situtation, maybe these women shouldnt be such bitches all the time and expect to have everything handed to them..Get a JOB and an apt like everyone else has to do.

861 days ago


She acted like a nut in the beginning. . . She should of acted mature and civil about this for her children. He really shouldn't have to help her out after the scene she has caused.

861 days ago


She is OLD, seriously busted, and knows she will NEVER get another cash cow like Usher. Gentlemen, DO NOT marry your wh0res!!! Let her sorry a$$ rot in Section 8 where she belongs.

861 days ago


I doubt she'd be on the streets. I'm sure the gold digger is getting enough money to rent a modest house.

861 days ago


OK here it goes, Tameka has an 19 year old son by a previous relationship not her ex husband's. Ryan Glover her middle son's father has primary custody of those children, she does not get child support from him. Usher was her meal ticket as she let go of her responsibilities as a mother to be with him. So if he is taking the house so be it. However, teh children will need a place to stay when they visit, so what this sounds like is he will downsize to a smaller homes and she doesn't want that

861 days ago


Why did he marry this old bag in the first place.. surely his mother must have warned this big dummy

861 days ago


If he does that, Usher will loose mad respect from women around the world. How can you say you love your children and treat their mother like common trash. How can you marry someone and then divorce them and act like you never had anything with them. He could sell some of those cars and be ok. I remember his Cribs on MTV he had bought his mom a house and she still had a wing to herself at his house. If you treat your mother like that how are you teaching your kids that they should value their mother. Oh, his father did him wrong so he does that to his children. It is not taking kids out what they remember as boys is how you treated their mom and this teaches them how to treat women. Not just your mom but theirs too. Sad Day. I wouldn't buy another record/CD and I have all his stuff he if he does put those kids and his Ex out on the street.

861 days ago


Give her the house in addition to the mega alimony this woman has already received??? WTF??? What is totally wrong is her expectation for Usher to 110% provide all support for his 2 and everybody elses kids. She can take the mega $$ alimony, get off her azz and earn a real cashable paycheck. Millions of divorced women and men make it on a hell of a lot less and NO EXCUSE her azz can't make it either!!

861 days ago

buzz kill    

WTF this ahole doesn't want to provide a home for his kids? What a POS.

861 days ago
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