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Kim Kardashian

Skechers Got

My Ass in Order

5/16/2012 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
doesn't care WHAT the Federal Trade Commission says ... she says Skechers worked for her, and THAT'S why she became the company's pitch person.

Kim made a 1-year deal with the company, which touted Shape-Ups as a shoe that promotes toning and weight loss. The FTC now says the claims are bogus ... that there's no proof the shoes do squat.

But Kim is telling friends and family ... when she signed the original deal, she was a habitual Shape-Ups user and it toned the back of her legs and her considerable ass.

Kim says she signed a 1-year deal that ended in January, but even before the expiration she started to hear about the new research which showed the shoe didn't work, so she stopped promoting it all together.

Even though she wasn't about to promote the shoes for other people to wear, Kim had conflicting feelings about using the product herself.

Kim says she wouldn't endorse the shoe now -- but she's not throwing her Shape-Ups out.  She still has them and might still wear them.

Hope springs eternal.

11:00 AM PDT -- A rep for Skechers tells TMZ, the company stands by its toning claims despite agreeing to pay out $40 million in settlement costs. Under the settlement agreement, the rep says Skechers is still permitted to market  Shape-Ups as a toning shoe.

According to the rep, Skechers only agreed to settle because fighting every single lawsuit would've been really expensive.


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There's not a shoe in the world that do a thing for this lard ass

858 days ago


Demi Moore like the technology of this type of shoe. No different than Skechers.

To get into character for a power-walk, Moore slipped on a pair of MBT physiological trainers for the first time. “Just in shooting the scene I was feeling it in the legs and the old butt,” Moore said of the shoes (which claim to tone and tighten by engaging all the major muscle groups). “I have to say that I truly do believe they work!”

858 days ago

H Calahan    

Everything the Krapdashians do is BOGUS.
Quicktrim (fake), Tria (fake), her reality show (fake), her marriage (fake), her face (fake), her fame (fake),. Doesn't she realize that everyone is laughing at her and her family. Just like POTUS said at the correspondence dinner a few weeks ago, "What is she famous for anyway?" She will always be famous for one thing "A Sex tape". She'll never legitimize herself. I hope the GAP counter sues her for the same amount she's suing them for. In the next day or so, she'll be having another staged photo opp and TMZ will buy her pictures. Little does she know she's minute 14 now of her 15 minutes of fame. BOYCOTTING ALL THIS KRAPDASHIAN!!!

858 days ago


Didn't she get peed on?

858 days ago


Her family would sell their grandmother to make a buck! So sick of even hearing their name. The biggest sluts in Hollywood!

858 days ago


LMFAO....ANYONE WHO'S EVER SEEN KIM KNOWS THOSE SHOES DON'T WORK.........SHE HAS THE MOST UN-TONED ASS EVER....It's too big for her body, misshapen, lumpy and when she wears pants it looks as if she's wearing a diaper.....BECAUSE IT'S A FAKE ASS....100% tons of before pics of her all over the internet.

858 days ago


why does she always look like she is ready to give a man a.....

858 days ago


I bet E!/ Ryan Seacrest is taking a look at the $40 million 3 year contract. Kardqshians they always make sure they get most of the money up front.

Everytime the Kardashians sign a contract and shortly later the Kardashian lies and cons come out. Ha Ha, try getting the money back.

Kris Kardashian/Jenner was back on the Today Show today again, using the who is Kourtney's real biological father crap, that has been used re-used what 3-4 times already.

Companies won't touch Kim/ Kardashians with a 20 foot pole.

858 days ago

News Flash     

Harvey loves Kim na na na na na

858 days ago


And we belive Kimmie Kakes why?

858 days ago

Joan K    

And to think that there are some fools out there who are going to watch their dumb azz show, I really, really hope the show flops big time and once and for all they all go away for good, please God.

858 days ago


Any shoes that you wear for exercise do the trick this shape-up shoes just went to far in the advertising!!

858 days ago


Do you remember when Mr. Ed the talking horse, held his mouth like that when he was talking?

858 days ago

Delphine Jackson    

I bought 2 pairs of shape up's I still have both pairs, How do I apply for a refund..

858 days ago


Her ass looks bigger and fatter than ever to me.

858 days ago
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