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Jillian Michaels

The Master Cleanse

is BAD for You!!!

5/21/2012 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the most famous crash diet in history ... the Master Cleanse ... but according to celebrity super-trainer Jillian Michaels ... it's dangerous for your body.

Michaels was out in Malibu this weekend, when we asked about rumors that Beyonce dropped the baby weight by going on a Master Cleanse ... a 10-day program where people are only allowed to consume tea and lemonade mixed with maple syrup and cayenne pepper.

"Don't do the Master Cleanse," Michaels told us bluntly ... "It's bad for you."

Back in 2006, Beyonce told Oprah she shed a TON of poundage by using the program for 14 days ... but now, Michaels insinuates Beyonce is more educated about the dangers of the Cleanse ... and HIGHLY DOUBTS the singer would ever do it again.

But fear not ... Michaels DID offer some healthy weight-loss advice that's sure to work every time ... so watch the clip ... and then get off your ass and work out.


No Avatar


Exercise and eat every time.

886 days ago


theres something about this woman that I dont like. Cant stand her!

886 days ago

Krispy Krentcil    

clenbuterol...this is what they use. it preserves muscle while burning fat like can lose like 7lbs of fat a week with exercise...

886 days ago


Quick fix nation. Up and down dieting for quick fixes damages the body. Eating right and exercise is the only way and the body will love you for it.

886 days ago


Do you really need to be an expert to know thats bad for you?

Just eat healthy and get movin' around. If you want a certain body you gotta put the work in.

886 days ago


Well DUH. You need food...

886 days ago


The MC can provide a very effective detox but I do not know if it should be practiced longer than 3-4 days - (72 hour minimum for detox). I am not talking heroin or meth detox...but refined sugars, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and whatever else a person has developed some level of addiction to that involves the liver and kidneys.

If you are strict with this diet for 3 + days, you will see a complete re-booting of your cravings and you will drop a few pounds every day. Of course the cravings will come back as soon as you consume the same substances...but you can use this as a START to a new diet - like cutting out all soda for example...To stop eating fast food...a little discipline is required - with exercise!

886 days ago


To any normal person, doesn't that sound like you are asking to die if you follow that program? Sure, not everyone would, but I could certainly see someone dropping dead from that.

886 days ago


OMG, there are actually people who still believe Beyonce was pregnant?

886 days ago


No cleanses?!?!? No vegan?!?!?! I can hear the teardrops of hipsters falling all over the city.

886 days ago

i want to make love to her bosom.

886 days ago


Beyonce and educated don't belong in the same sentence. Unless there is a "not" in front of the latter.

886 days ago


ummm....don't you actually have to be pregnant and give birth to a baby to have baby weight to lose??

886 days ago


Jullian is bad for people's health too. She needs a size ten cleat shoved up her ass.

886 days ago


She's a fraud. She's truly the laughing stock in the real world of fitness and strength and conditioning with people that are educated it's not even funny. But I guess as long as someone is hot they're allowed to prey on the who don't know any better.

886 days ago
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