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Lindsay Lohan

Declares Wardrobe

On Liz Taylor

5/21/2012 5:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
's finally looking the part -- trying on some crucial Elizabeth Taylor-inspired outfits for her new movie ... and TMZ has obtained pics of the wardrobe action.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, the actress is dead set on nailing Liz Taylor in her upcoming Lifetime movie "Liz and Dick" -- so she's spending countless hours trying to pick out the PERFECT outfits for the role.

We’re told Lindsay has final say on all wardrobe decisions for the film and has been giving major input into how to perfect Liz’s looks.

As we reported, Lindsay's been obsessing over Liz trying to get into the Hollywood legend's head, studying her constantly for the last few months.

The photos were snapped earlier this week during a wardrobe fitting. The first outfit was selected to recreate a famous photo shoot from Elizabeth's teenage years. The second is based on a Valentino dress Liz once wore.

"Liz and Dick" is scheduled to start shooting next month.



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What a sad, tragic disaster. Glad Elizabeth isn't alive to see this mess, she would be heartbroken. What a disgrace.
Blohan is TRASH

884 days ago


Also, one thing Elizabeth didn't have that Blohan does: boobs that sag to her waist. That green dress picture is disturbing.

884 days ago


This is soooo wrong. There's no way Lilo can pull this off. La Liz was one of a kind - and Linds isn't even close.

884 days ago


What? They couldn't get Shannen Doherty? LiLo should be doing Taco Bell commercials.

884 days ago

My Big Salami    

Why would TMZ do this?

884 days ago


Fortunately, this impending disaster isn't being produced by a respected network. even still, this is a travesty. this is the thanks Elizabeth gets for her everlasting legacy and courageous humanitarian effort in the battle against AIDS? Give me a break. I hope it bombs and I hope Blohan screws it up like she does everything else.

884 days ago


Lindsay isn't fit to carry Liz's chamber pot.

884 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Poor Liz, being played by a has-been who is using her name and likeness to try for a come back. Trouble is, LiLo never was anyone who should come back.

884 days ago



884 days ago


Probibly the only success this movie will have is it's initial ratings because of curiosity.

Other then that, like many other movies on lifetime, it will only be good for a hearty laugh when clips are shown on shows like "The Soup".

Hopefully after that, a movie studio that knows how to make a decent movie, and actually wants to honor the memory of Liz Taylor will have a go at it. And their first order of business should be better casting.

884 days ago


Someone has cataracts.That picture is GROSS.Who did Lindsay sleep with or did she pay them,You can dress a pig up,it is still a pig .NO WAY LIZ,NO WAY

884 days ago

Good riddance!    

So who decided doing a Liz Taylor zombie movie parody was a good idea? Lowhan definitely pulls off the rotted and desiccated corpse look pretty well already. Gotta love the fungus filled blackened crypt keeper hands of meth!

884 days ago


Once Lindsay get the hairstyle and make-up right she will OWN this role. People shouldn't pass judgement until they've seen the movie. I think Lindsay will be awesome.

Liz Taylor was no fricking saint so stop trying to make her into one. GO LINDSAY

884 days ago

Grouchy Smurf    

To call Lindsay a pig with lipstick would be an insult to pigs the world over. She's balding, bow-legged, gravel-voiced and duck-billed. On the other hand Elizabeth was stunningly beautiful at Lindsay's age - I mean her actual age not the age she looks. Lindsay couldn't even convincingly play herself on Glee so how is she going to portray Elizabeth Taylor?

884 days ago


Good luck Lindsay, I think you'll do a great job.

884 days ago
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