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Ex-James Bond OUTRAGED

Over Heineken Deal --

New 007's a Sellout!!!

5/23/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They don't make 'em like they used to -- at least according to the guy who played James Bond in 1969, who's pissed the new Bond film has axed 007's signature martini ... in favor of a corporate-sponsored beer.

If you don't know ... the people behind Daniel Craig's next Bond flick "Skyfall" closed a reported $45 million deal with Heineken -- forcing the iconic character to drink beer in the movie, instead of a vodka martini ... Bond's famous drink of choice.

Bond orders the drink in practically every movie ever -- just check the clip below from "The World Is Not Enough."

Devoted Bond fans everywhere are pissed -- a list that includes former James Bond actor George Lazenby, who played 007 in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service."

Lazenby tells us, cutting the martini in favor of a Heiney breaks a sacred tradition -- and to add insult to injury, "It's not the best beer out there, either."

Lazenby adds, it's sad filmmakers will always "go where the money is."


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That's sad - I'm not even a Bond fan and even I know about the martinis, shaken, not stirred. Beer seems cheap, just like a woman that drinks beer straight out of a bottle - tacky.

885 days ago


The James bond brand cares more about money than they do about the martini now if a vodka company was to sponsor the next movie they would jump at that chance.

885 days ago


Bad doesn't suit the character. awww!!!.

885 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Heineken tastes like a roll of quarters in your mouth. They couldn't have at least picked a better beer.

885 days ago


the irony.... when you push play on the video it plays an advertisement first....

885 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Ugh. I bet they'll also do some lame sexual innuendo with the name, too.

Bond - That is one great Heiney"
Labia Majora - 'Oooh.. Why, thank you, Mister Bond!"
Bond - Why are you thanking me? Did YOU brew it? (Holds up a Heineken bottle, looks into the camera coyly, and takes a sip, tilting his head and nods approvingly.) Now that's a smooth Heiney!

885 days ago


George Lazenby is right

885 days ago


I've never even seen a Bond movie, but this just seems wrong.

I get they want the money, obviously. But why would they risk alienating the people that would be guaranteed to go see the movie...their fans.

I don't know what they are thinking. It is generally not smart to tick off fans of a franchise.

885 days ago


First they choose Daniel Crag as James Bond.

Now this...

Perhaps they just should have let the brand die a semi-honorable death.

885 days ago


James Bond with his martini reflected class. Now we will have Bubba Bond with his red-neck girlfriends on screen. I won't be attending this movie and I feel sorry for Daniel Craig. Hey Daniel, always keep the beer foam on your upper lip and burp after each swallow and perhaps that will change the executive minds. lol

885 days ago


Just sad. Why destroy the essence of a long established character? Absolutely will not see this movie due to lack of respect for the director. If you want to make a James Bond film, then stick to the Bond mythos; otherwise create your own damn character and have it drink whatever corporate sludge pays the most.

885 days ago


Bond has been a marketing machine from day one. His watch, his car, clothing etc has and always will be full product placement. Yes, now he is a beer drinker and yes you may call it being a red neck or white trash but beer is what we drink at baseball, basketball, football games and at the family BBQ. Bud, Corona it does not matter. Maybe next movie like someone said a vodka company will pay for the martini to come back but for now Bond is becoming a male and american.

885 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Good old insatiable Hollywood where enough is never enough. James Bond is too sophisticated to be drinking beer.

885 days ago


Moonshine would've been a better choice. James Bond sucking back grandpa's cough medicine out of an old spaghetti sauce jar. Oscar worthy I'm tellin' ya. Ah who gives a sh**?

885 days ago


Ian Fleming is rolling in his grave.

885 days ago
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