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Mark Zuckerberg's Wife

The SIMPLE Ruby Wedding Ring

5/23/2012 7:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Engagement ring belonging to Priscilla Chan-Zuckerberg, wife of Mark ZuckerbergIf Mark Zuckerberg's new wife was expecting a MASSIVE diamond on her wedding ring ... she was SORELY disappointed.

Just days after the surprise wedding of the century, Priscilla Chan-Zuckerberg took her brand new ruby rock on the road ... flashing her piece during a lunch date with a friend in Palo Alto, CA yesterday.

According to reports, the $20 BILLION Facebook honcho -- who has a reputation for not caring about excessive displays of wealth -- designed the ring himself.

It's unclear how much the ring cost ... hopefully not much ... 'cause his Facebook stock has been sinking like Natalie Wood ever since it debuted on Friday.

So, we gotta ask ...



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I love TMZ but, the remark about Natalie left me cold. Did anyone run that by Harvey I wonder?

884 days ago


I think it's refreshing that they keep things so simple. Backyard wedding, modest ring, modest home. I don't see the point of a 50 karat diamond ring. The rings some of these women sport now a days are ridiculous. I say good for them.

884 days ago


The line "...sinking like Natalie Wood." is not cool and unwarranted. That is the best the TMZ staff could come up with. Really? TMZ should be ashamed and embarrassed by it.

884 days ago


well if she likes rubies, good for her! i love rubies and want my engagement ring to have one on it :) it's all personal preference

884 days ago


There is this illusion that ALL women want BIG rings. It's NOT true. Maybe SHE picked it out because there was a sentimental value to it. Not all women strive to have rings that can blind the man on the moon...or the rings I call "Rob Me" rings...

884 days ago


I was in 8th grade when Natalie Wood drowned. Monday morning after this event my 3rd period science teacher Mr. McHugo stopped class and screamed that any kid that made a joke about Natalie Wood drowning would get dragged to the office by their necks.. He was serious and I have respected his wish all these years later. I wish Mr. McHugo was alive to drag TMZ to the office...

884 days ago


If I every marry again, think I'll just give my future fiance a plastic ring out of a cereal box to test the waters.
If she marries me after that...she's the one :D
Seriously, if you truly want to find a man who will love you and be your friend, and can trust to be the second half of a relationship, who validates you and sees you for who you are and will grow with you and be there 50 years later with the family and grandkids at Christmas dinner .....choose a man by the size of his heart, not his bank account or the ring he gives you.

883 days ago


Why is TMZ so anti-women? Who wrote "if she was expecting a MASSIVE Ring she was SORELY disappointed"

Why do TMZ writers pander to the junior grade thugs who follow Chris Brown. Grow up already.

883 days ago


I really hope he cleared the idea with her first. You don't buy or make the ring you want or you think she wants, you get her the one she wants. This is doubly true when you are a guy like Zuckerberg that has tons of money but little fashion sense.

883 days ago


WTF @ the Natalie Wood reference......then you have the gall to ask is the ring is classy?

883 days ago

News Flash     

Hey! The Natalie Wood comment was uncalled for!

883 days ago


She doesn't appear to be the type to care about gawdy overstated pieces of jewelry. In this case, less is more.

883 days ago


Yeah.. I'd be a little upset if my husband was so rich and got me such a small ring. he could get me two rings.. one for showing off how big it is, the other one in simple gold to wear to work. I think the marriage will fall apart if they don't have children soon, then she'll have an affair. Zuck will have much less luck getting women to stay with him, while she'll just want someone manlier and get disinterested in Zuck very soon.

883 days ago


Babydoll says: WTF @ the Natalie Wood reference......then you have the gall to ask is the ring is classy?

Great point! They have no clue..

883 days ago


the size of the ring doesn't correlate with the amount of love or length the marriage will withstand. we should all know that, look at the kardashians.

883 days ago
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