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Taylor Armstrong

I Got Screwed Over

My $250k Engagement Ring

5/30/2012 4:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Armstrong Engagement Ring listed on eBay

Turns out "Real Houswives of Beverly Hills" start Taylor Armstrong is NOT selling her engagement ring on eBay -- the company that sued her is selling it, because Taylor surrendered the bling to get out from under a huge legal mess.

The ring her deceased husband Russell Armstrong gave Taylor was placed on the auction block this morning. 

Now here's what we know ... Taylor and Russell were sued by investors who claimed Russell fleeced them out of millions of dollars.  The case settled, but the Armstrongs didn't pay.  So the investors went after them again -- this time with a vengeance. 

Since Russell committed suicide, Taylor has now struck a new settlement deal with the investors to make the whole thing go away. The new deal was struck yesterday, which requires Taylor to pay an undisclosed amount of money to the investors and fork over a bunch of personal property -- INCLUDING THE ENGAGEMENT RING.

So the investors are the ones who put the ring on eBay and hope to fetch a quarter of a million bucks.

Sources close to Taylor tell us she's really pissed and feels she's been backed into a corner because of Russell's misdeeds.  She wanted to fight, but can't afford the legal war.

Taylor wanted to pass the ring on to her daughter when she got married.



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Straight Talkin Texan    

Ah, the down side to "community property."
I think it's a lovely, stunning ring, but I wouldn't want the "bad" vibes associated with it.

877 days ago


Taylor would be better off, as would the rest of the world, if she would just creep into the night, get a job, pay her bills, and be a mother to her daughter. Instead she insists on living a lifestyle she cannot afford and her stunts to stay relevant are getting old. I doubt anyone would miss her if she drove off a cliff.

877 days ago


She doesn't care about the sentimental value of the ring she's just interested it it's monetary worth.
If she loves it that much why doesn't she cough up the cash and buy it.

877 days ago


man that is one gawdy looking ring. Typical LA airhead counting on 'things' to give them validity, rather then working on their inside.

877 days ago


This is what happens when you choose to turn a blind eye to what kind of shady business your husband is involved in because the lifestyle is too great to give up. You end up paying one way or another. I feel bad for her but she put herself in this situation.

877 days ago


Getting screwed should be like breakfast for Blondie.

877 days ago


LADIES: Let this be a lesson to you.... Be involved in your marriage, not just in the spending but also in the business. It's half your money and half your debt. It's your business to get involved, no matter what he says. Taylor was too busy playing the "victim" to ask questions. Once Russell started tightening the belt on the spending, she conveniently could take the abuse anymore. She was paid very well put up with him and SHE chose to stay for the "life style" well this is all part of the "life style".

877 days ago


Boo hoo

877 days ago


Awwwwww, BOO-HOO! A phony rich housewife, who sure did love the lifestyle she lived her closet-case, freak of a hubby, but when "for richer OR poorer" became "poorer" and he took the coward's way out...well, now she feels cheated. Lemme guess, she's a republiCON, right?!?

877 days ago


Couldn't of happened to a nicer housewife.

877 days ago


She's pure middle-America trash who never really wanted to work a day in her life and thought she had a Mr Money-bags to afford her the lifestyle she wanted. I love when bad things happen to shallow, lazy people. She deserves it.

877 days ago

She's baaaack    

Gee, too bad the ring had such sentiment that she wanted to pass it on to her daughter. What a crock. This woman is as messed up in the head as she is in the face. She's a worthless POS.

877 days ago


If Taylor thought rusell was allegedly abusive just wait until she hits the streets of sunset BLVD, and has to face her competion and vice.

877 days ago


Says the woman who originally stated "my marriage is 80% business and 20% romance" - so I find it incredibly hard to believe she had no knowledge of what was happening. She certainly spent the money fast enough, and tried to cozy up to others, like asking the Adrienne Maloof to be her kid's godmother. They were basically STRANGERS. She turned her down, but I bet Adrienne watched her ever so closely after. Then there is the book, which personally I find it hard to believe a single word of, not that I would spend money on it or waste time reading it. I say this based on what I have watched Shaunna/Taylor/Ford/Armstrong claim on TV, and what others have said the actual story was.

877 days ago

Billy Bob    

Rich peoples problems.

877 days ago
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