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Brooke Mueller

Will NOT Have Her

Probation Violated

6/1/2012 8:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller
's umpteenth entry into the world of drugs will not land her in jail as a result of a probation violation ... TMZ has learned.

As we reported, Brooke went BACK into rehab last month because she relapsed -- this, after getting out of fancy-schmancy Cirque Lodge just a few months earlier.

You'll recall ... Brooke was sentenced just 11 days ago to probation in Pitkin County, Colorado, after pleading guilty to cocaine possession.  One of the conditions of probation -- she can't use drugs or alcohol.

So, you ask, will prosecutors move to violate her probation since she has been using again?  The answer is no.  Pitkin County D.A. Arnie Mordkin tells us he has not received an official report from the Probation Dept. in California saying one of her tests showed up dirty.  Nor has Mordkin received anything from a police dept. saying Brooke was picked up on drug charges.

Mordkin says his office has a policy of NOT conducting independent investigations on possible probation violations involving drugs.  Since Brooke took it upon herself to check into rehab, there will be no probation violation.

In fact, Mordkin says he applauds Brooke for trying to clean up.


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Rehab is not a real place to get off substance abuse it is a way to live comfortable for 10-15 days to stay out of jail Theese places should be banned for drug and alcahol criminals.

872 days ago


just od already you skank

872 days ago


Hope she "gets it" before it's too late. I feel sorry for her poor (rich) kids. She's running right behind Coutrney Love for "druggie mother of the year".

872 days ago


Her drugs of choice only stay in your system for three days. If you can't stay clean for that long when you KNOW you're about to have a UA, then you deserve no more chances. That's a full fledged drug addict.

872 days ago


What a joke. If only the law was applied equally just think of all those young African American kids who would not be languishing in jails for smoking pot. What happened to "Justice for all"? She is a totally lost cause. Sad.

872 days ago


I only have one questions.... some "unknown" bangs a Sheen, pops out some kids and now she's a "celebrity"??? Baffling, truly baffling. She's a junkie, pure and simple. Seriously, WHO is this chick??? Has she ever had a real job or does she just sit around and get high... I feel sorry for those kids. Why isn't she being held accountable for violating her probation. If it were me or you... we'd be sitting in a 4x4 cage right about now. Geesh.... what a loser.

872 days ago


She serves no purpose! What does she do besides have children with a loser actor?? Her whore of a mother is the one who keeps paying off the authorities.

872 days ago

Cheryl A.    

He says he "applauds her for trying to clean up" The only thing she is cleaning up is all the drugs in the world. With her around, there are no drugs left for anyone else to do any.

872 days ago


She is pathetic; if she cant stay clean for no other reason than her kids then there is just no hope for her. the kids child support is basically funding her addiction.

872 days ago


Seriously, who is her lawyer?

872 days ago


Maybe she needs to spend more than 10 minutes in a rehab facility.

872 days ago


They think they are doing celebs a favor by keeping them out of jail when their addictions are out of control. What they really are doing is participating in their demise. Good work, asshats.

872 days ago


What a pampered, spoiled, bitch, How many chances does this woman get? anyone else would be behind bars in a heartbeat for violating probation. What makes her so special? Celebrity, money, Charlie sheen.Any way you look at it, it's not right.

872 days ago


How weird, I posted my comment on the Green Lantern story and it posted here.... Bizzare..... oh well.

872 days ago


This chick NEEDS jail. Pronto. This will be the only way her revolving door of binges then off the rehab will stop. She gets coddled at rehab for a few months then she's out and the cycle starts once again. Geebuzz, those poor kids have not had a great start at life with 2 druggies at the helm.

872 days ago
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