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Francesca Eastwood

Burnt Birkin Wasn't MINE!!!

6/1/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clint Eastwood
's daughter's been taking serious heat -- as in death threats -- for burning a $100,000 Birkin handbag just for the art of it ... but now Francesca Eastwood wants everyone to know it wasn't hers.

When we asked Francesca about the controversial pics last night, her photographer BF Tyler Shields quickly took the bullet ... saying, "It was my bag, I paid for the bag." Shields wouldn't say exactly how much he dropped, but confirmed the Birkin cost "more than a car."

We also asked Francesca what Clint thought of the disgustingly expensive photo shoot. Pretty sure it did not make his day.


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I saw the headline and thought it read "Burnt Mirkin Wasn't Mine." LOL!! I need a vacation!

873 days ago


is she REALLY an Eastwood? you'd think Clint would've tried harder.

873 days ago


Spoiled Jack Ass. They could have taken the pictures with a Knock off and no one would be the wiser. But No these jerks feel the need to spend enough money for a family to live on, and think its funny. if you feel the need to waste money for a picture maybe you should think twice about people in this country that can't afford to pay their mortgage, or feed their families. i say again. Spoiled Dumb Ass People.....

873 days ago


Some people need to take a vacation or something. It's a friggin purse. So what? Look at all the cars they destroy in movies. No one cries about that. They smash up expensive cars every day at safety research facilities. If someone wants to spend a lot of money on something that shouldn't cost that much to begin with and burn it to the ground, let them. Not like it's your money.

873 days ago


I bet he dropped 20 bucks for it at a flea market.

873 days ago


wtf is wrong witpeople spendme china sweat shops that make the $19 walmart bag......and who is this guy and where did he get his money.....celibs are greedy selfcentered trash, with all the homeless american vets that money could have been much better spent..

873 days ago

northern gypsy    

awww yes...all for the sake of art indeed !!! clearly they BOTH misjudged the general public reaction and are in serious "damage control" mode...

873 days ago


Realty shows are for morons.

873 days ago


What a spoiled little brat. I guess she thinks she's cute.

873 days ago

Hervey....Hervey of Arabia...He was a single guy...    

I like Clint Eastwood but he's always had a bunch of loser women in his life like Sandra Locke. His daughter carries on that tradition.

873 days ago


boyfriend makes a ton of money to be able to do that.. liars 1, believers 0

873 days ago


@ Diego
only because you have the luck to make money . and it doesn't always has something to do with hard work because you can't tell me that a nurse with nigth shifts or farmer etc work less than this stars or managers .
you can enjoy your money in spas and relax areas but not destroy things just for fun
and also the destroying of cars for tests and fun should stop there are other ways like electronic and computers .
I don't understand why they didn't fotoshop it would be less expensive or it is just PRstand and the bag was like 500 $

873 days ago


Anyone charging 100,000 dollars for a handbag should be the one getting death threats.

873 days ago


These reality shows are the dumbing down of America (like it needs any help). Will we ever be free of them, they are utter garbage. Bring back shows with a plot. I'm so tired of people trying to be more outrageous than the last one.

873 days ago


It doesn't matter, Tyler Shields is a major TOOL and douchebag, and it was a joint effort. Are you not able to say the word "no"? As in, no, I do not want to participate in this? No, I think this is ridiculous and I'm not doing it? NO, take the bag and shove it up your douche hole?
You are an embarrassment to your father.

873 days ago
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