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Michael Lohan

Dina Is NOT Qualified

For New Reality Gig

6/2/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Dina Lohan
is the last person on the planet qualified to mentor young actors on a new reality show -- at least according to ex-hubby Michael ...  who insists Dina wreaked irreparable havoc on her own children ... including Lindsay.

Dina's set to star in two upcoming reality shows -- one about celebrity ex-wives called "Hollywood Exes" ... another called "DramaMamas," in which she mentors young Broadway hopefuls.

Michael is incredulous: "Dina destroyed our kids by lying to them and alienating them ... I feel bad for her next victim!"

Michael tells us, "Lindsay is the talented one. She did it on her own ... Ali is doing it on her own too ... her beauty ... Dina did nothing."

Calls to Dina were not returned.


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Oh.. Ya.. Because Michael Lohan would be an expert on the subject.

872 days ago


Anyone who watches her shows is as stupid as the producers who hired her.

872 days ago


Poor genetic make up. The last thing these ****wads should have done was reproduce.

872 days ago


This guy is unhinged. I'm no Dina fan but Michael Lohan is the pits of the human gene pool.

This douche seems to forget how HE tried to get a reality show but was turned down, HE said he wanted to open a rehab, they laughed at the abuser and sent him on his way. So many things he said he wanted to do but does nothing other than sell interviews about his family. He's a disgrace.

872 days ago


If Michael Lohan had any love for his children he would never attack their mother in public but its all about him, he cares for no one but himself.

With the money he is earning from these interviews, he should settle the 4 arrest warrants against him in NY. He is a sick in the head woman beater. No wonder Lindsay has stress and anxiety issues with this piece of **** for a father.

872 days ago


hey milo, I have a balcony waiting for you to jump off, guaranteed no obstructions, straight down to the concrete sidewalk, you lunatic.

872 days ago


You both destroyed those kids so your both to blame however Lindsay is an adult and she should know whats right or wrong too so she has a part of why her life is a life. This guy needs to just keep all that stuff private he's always talking to the press about his family if he has a problem with Dina sort it out in private instead of going public with it. This whole family is messed up.

872 days ago


You have to be qualified to have a reality show? Is this some kind of a joke?

872 days ago


OK so today is Milo's turn to make headlines. Can't have Dina winning the most media time now can he? What I want to know is who is the idiot that keeps hiring this family for gigs when they must know their background. Are they one of the trolls here that keep stirring the pot to keep the Lohans name in the news? The more drama means more dollar signs in the idiots eyes. Or Mama is collecting from all the times in the past that she had to work her way in the door for Lindsay. Remember she taught Lindsay everything she knows. How to infuence men and get jobs.

872 days ago


Milo is right, DUIna should be kept far away from youngsters. Maybe court orders for the whole DamClam family to just stay away are in order, eh?

872 days ago



WTF, really? This is as news worthy as a Lohan family herpes outbreak. While Milo is right, what is DUIna really qualified to do? Surprise bu++sex?

Now that Lindsay is preggers, you would think DUIna would be at the mansion inhaling paint fumes and decorating the nursery, eh?

872 days ago


I would like to know what kind of abuse Milo did to Lindsay as according to someone on Twitter. If it is what I think it is than it would explain a whole lot.

872 days ago

Zach Swan    

Dina the Enabler is a useless waste of flesh and should skulk back to her coke den and spare the world from being exposed to her. While Michael has huge issues, he was at least fighting to try to save his daughter (a turd hanging on the edge of oblivion) from spiralling down the toilet while Dina was enabling LiLo's addictions, and lying her face off on Matt Lauer. She was clearly more interested in keeping herself in the cash (Lindsay's cash) than saving her own daughter's life. What a despicable human being.

872 days ago


Great job Dina.....
She lets dad abuse Lindsay, lets Hollyweird Producers abuse Lindsay, lets the media abuse Linsay, lets us abuse Lindsay on a daily bases and uses Lindsay herself for her own selfish purposes. She will sacrafice her own children to live HER dream. Now she wants to screw up other peoples children? Get a rope!

872 days ago


The expression "practise what you preach" never applied to anyone as much as Michael Lohan. He's forever sprouting off about stuff he has no "qualifications" in. He's always very ready to see what problems Lindsay has yet he can never see that he has EXACTLY THE SAME PROBLEMS himself. In fact she seems to have learned/inherited most of her slimeyness of Daddy. Don't get me wrong, I still prefer Michael over Dina, but that's kind of like saying I'd prefer to fall off a cliff than swallow a granade.

872 days ago
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