Michael Lohan Dina Is NOT Qualified For New Reality Gig

6/2/2012 5:30 AM PDT

Michael Lohan -- Dina Is NOT Qualified for New Reality Show


Dina Lohan
is the last person on the planet qualified to mentor young actors on a new reality show -- at least according to ex-hubby Michael ...  who insists Dina wreaked irreparable havoc on her own children ... including Lindsay.

Dina's set to star in two upcoming reality shows -- one about celebrity ex-wives called "Hollywood Exes" ... another called "DramaMamas," in which she mentors young Broadway hopefuls.

Michael is incredulous: "Dina destroyed our kids by lying to them and alienating them ... I feel bad for her next victim!"

Michael tells us, "Lindsay is the talented one. She did it on her own ... Ali is doing it on her own too ... her beauty ... Dina did nothing."

Calls to Dina were not returned.