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Kim Zolciak

LIES LIES! She's Nothing

But a Squatter!!!

6/5/2012 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kim Zolciak just dug herself a hole to China by telling us Monday she is not living in her home illegally -- turns out, what she told us was a big fat LIE, because TMZ has the lease.

Kim is embroiled in a verbal war with her landlord, Kendra Davis. As we reported, Davis has said she's trying to evict Kim because she has no right to live in the house and won't pay rent. For her part, Kim insisted she's paid every cent of the ren and the lease was still in effect.

So here's the smoking gun ... According to the lease, either Kendra or Kim had a right to terminate the lease by giving written notice 30 days before May 30. If no one gave notice, the lease would be extended beginning in June on a month-to-month basis.

But here's the deal ... Someone did give 30 days notice -- AND IT WAS KIM AND HER HUBBY!! Take a look at Kroy Biermann's email to the landlord dated March 29, 2012. So the lease officially terminated May 30 -- so she lied to us when she said it was still in effect.

It's now June 5 and Kim and Kroy are still in the house.  Under the lease, they're considered squatters -- i.e., illegal tenants -- and the lease says they are required to pay $600 for every day they illegally stay.  The landlord says they haven't paid $600 a day, so it appears Kim also lied to us when she said she was totally current on rent.

The landlord gave us a letter that she sent Kim and Kroy today ... telling them they're in the house illegally and must vacate immediately, and if they don't she'll see them in court.

Calls to Kim weren't returned. Pants on fire, Kim.

4:28 PM PT -- Kim now admits she hasn't been paying the $600-a-day penalty for staying past the lease term, but says she plans to make a lump sum payment when she finally moves out ... which she says will be ASAP.


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Actually, if she gave her 30 days notice on May 29th that mean she has 30 days to vacate the premise. So until its June 29th she is in fact legally living in the home. As long as she paid the rent due for the 29 days of June she will be living in the home. I thought Harvey was a damn lawyer...

871 days ago


Kim told Bravo on the reunion and NeNe that she was in contract and they were BUYING the house they are living in. Guess she lied then TOO?????

871 days ago


Kim has been lying from the beginning. The Real Housewives of Atlanta's reunion was months ago and she sat right on that stage and announced that she and Kroy had purchased the house. They were OWNERS not RENTERS!

The bitch is pathological!

871 days ago

Carol Ann    

I saw and spoke with Kim, Kroy who had KJ and Brianna with them at Whole Foods in East Cobb, Marietta (not exactly her neighborhood) 3 days ago. She described in detail how they were building a house in Buckhead, blah, blah. She seemed to have a lot to say to a total stranger (me) about where they were living, etc. Maybe that big house is just for shooting the show. She did all the talking..

871 days ago


This woman is a pig, as I have watched the show she seems incapable of doing anything,she doesn't know how to cook (how does she feed her children),she doesn't know how to keep her house in order, she can't care for her newborn children without the help of a nanny her only talent is to spread her legs and when that husband wakes up out of that coma he's in he'll will be out of there.

871 days ago


The woman is a parasite. All she does is attach herself to people until she bleeds them dry. Then she searches for the next person to latch onto. Shockingly, it seems that Nene is the only person with the good sense to stay away from her. How Kroy can be a pro athlete in a big city like Atlanta and wind up settling for someone like Kim is beyond me.

871 days ago


Kroy is another Lamar Odom in waiting. SMDH

Kim- you reap what you sow. you did kandi wrong and now you are getting yours. LMBO!

871 days ago


This stuff is GREAT!

871 days ago


Oh boo hoo! Newsflash!!!! Everybody Lies!!!

871 days ago


Kim and Kroy will be divorced in a year, immediately following the eviction. This landlord is screwed.

871 days ago

Babs McKenzie    

What a piece of work she is! In the last episode she picked out a $400K bracelet the jeweler was pimping for her wedding. Why not BUY a house first then get the ostentatious baubles???

871 days ago


Harvey, all you posted was photos of unsigned do***ents. You of all people should know that don't make an agreement, 'you're a lawyer', remember. If that's all I would need to make something legal then give me a few minutes and you and I will be in a contract, in my favor of course.

871 days ago


Kind of seems like at the time the email was sent, they wanted to buy the house. After the inspection and appraisal came back with less than favorable resuts, the deal fell through. I'm sure the owners aren't happy, but isn't that the point of having an inspection? To find out what's wrong with the property before you buy it. However, if Kim and Kroy gave notice, then legally they need to move out. For what it's worth, I think their landlady has an ax to grind and is making a very big deal out of something that could be handled in a more discreet and way less public manner.

871 days ago

the truth    

this girl is a trip! so i guess Marlo wasent lying when she said Kim rents from Marlos friend. i watched her wedding show only to see her real hair, i seen it and and it still looks fake. so now done with the show. shes rude!! shes annoying!! her face is deformed ! shes very rude and mean to people!! i do like her girls. very cute like the baby. im sure Kim had the baby so when they get divorced shes gonna get money. i bet she never changed a diaper . maybe in front of cameras but thats it. all these house wife shows are going broke . they want everyone to think they have money so they throw very expensive parties . new body parts.... i bet none of them have money saved for the kids college. but im done with this deformed bitch! ohh one more thing. kims friend is another annoying person. shes always laughing at her own dumb jokes!

871 days ago


What? You mean this airhead is a liar and a greedy, self-obsessed pig? Surely you jest. Bet she has $$ for wigs though. Waste of flesh if you ask me.

871 days ago
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