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Warren Sapp

Please Don't Take

My Condo Away!

6/9/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former NFL superstar Warren Sapp didn't shed too many tears when he lost his Super Bowl ring, but when it comes to losing his home ... he won't go down without a fight, TMZ has learned. 

HSBC bank is on the attack, claiming Sapp -- who recently filed for bankruptcy in Florida -- owes them $781,879.39 from before his filing. They are asking a judge to allow them to foreclose on his beachfront condo to help settle the score.

The football legend filed a response this week, pleading with the judge to let him keep the fancy digs. Sapp claims he's still living in it ... despite not making payments on it since May 2011.

Sapp vows to cough up the cash as soon as he sorts out the bankruptcy.

A judge has yet to rule.


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No Avatar


Ummm, he was in the NFL - isnt he crazy mega rich???

874 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

These 'affffletes' are such a disgrace to hard working by the rule playing African Americans who will never have the chance to earn that kind of money and these deadheads blow through hundreds of millions with nothing to show for it and most die young and broke. It's sickening and why Americans continue to pay these people by attending the games is beyond me. I'll watch em on TV but I aint spending 2000 to take 5 people to a football or NbroA game.. No freaking way, when this is what they do with it . Blow it. Yea, it's their money but then don't cry and sue the league and this and that because 'yo broke now'... You got these guys from Sly Stone to these guys killing themselves (Dave Duerson was a different story, I actually met the man many times) I mean boo freakin hoo. I'm crippled and I work for a living and they aren't shedding any tears for mine and your rough lives... we all have our problems and they cause most of theirs.

874 days ago


Here's an idea to Mr. Superstar Ball Play Paid Too Damnnn Much To Get/Stop A Ball Over A Line: If you can now "come up" with mega $$, why not pay your bills in the first place? I hope they toss your azz out and I normally have mega sympathy for folks losing their homes. In your case, I have none. If you can't keep a home with millions, you are a stupid moron who doesn't deserve one.

874 days ago

Grouchy Marps    

He could go back to playing football to make the money. Only problem is that he couldn't get into a 3 point stance anymore unless there was a pie on the ground.

874 days ago


In Florida hw can keep the house in BK, but if he cannot make the payments he will lose it in a forclosure, the condos or other 2 homes he will lose. Warren always pretnds to be smart when you hear him on radi or or Tv, and he may know football, but clear y he knows nuthin bout $$$, He is know to be rude to people in Orlando and Apopka(his home town near Orlando) Karma is a bitch warren, not gonna be a lots of people wanted to help you. Good luck selling insurance, onever mind, you good not get a lic, your credit sucks just like most of your kind!!!

874 days ago


I believe the Euro was designed to fail, and this has been my opinion from it's inception. To introduce a common currency for a number of states each with seperate and diverse financial policies and strategies was not wise. The reasoning behind this "lack of foresight" was, I believe, to instigate the current series of problems, and present the "solution" no being put forward, which is nothing less than the unification of the zone's sepearte finance departments under the control of the largest players, which are in turn controlled by the world's largest finance houses.
This unification would never have been given popular support in even moderately prosperous times, but is now more and more becoming the solution to all our woes. It is classic Hegelian dialectic http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dialectic#Hegelian_dialectic
The currencies we use at the moment will lose their value, one way or another, whether the collaspse is organic or orchestrated, of this I am sure. I am confident of this to such a degree that I am keeping my savings out of the banks, some in cash, some in bonds and a lot in physical gold and silver, as I believe these metals will retain purchasing power over the long term. I spend more and more of my time visiting pawn shops, car boot sales www.ebay.com and www.goldisliberty.com looking for good value on gold coins and ingots etc.
The banking system has become more and more a Ponzie scheme and I want no part of it, not that it matters what we want, as tax payers we are being forced to pick up the tab at every turn.

873 days ago


Suck it up, Sapp. You filed for BANKRUPTCY which means you cannot pay your bills. Move into an apartment and give it up!

869 days ago
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