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'Hangover 2'

WB Crushes Louis Vuitton

in Luggage War

6/18/2012 7:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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If you ever wanted to hear a federal judge break down a joke from "Hangover 2" and explain why it was (or wasn't) funny ... you're in luck ... 'cause it just happened.

Long story short ... Louis Vuitton just LOST its legal battle with Warner Bros. over a joke Zach Galifianakis made in "Hangover2" ... when another character pushes his luggage and Zach quips, "Be careful, that is ... that is a Lewis Vuitton!"

LV had claimed WB had infringed its trademark and confused the public ... because the bag featured in the movie was NOT a real Louis Vuitton.

But the judge ruled ... WB didn't do anything wrong because the use of the bag, in conjunction with the joke made by Zach's character (Alan), was an artistic expression protected by the 1st Amendment.

And just in case you didn't get the joke ... the judge provided a detailed analysis. Enjoy!

"Alan's terse remark to Teddy to '[be] [c]areful' because his bag 'is a Lewis Vuitton' comes across as snobbish only because the public signifies Louis Vuitton ... with luxury and a high society lifestyle."

His remark also comes across as funny because he mispronounces the French 'Louis' like the English 'Lewis,' and ironic because he cannot correctly pronounce the brand name of one of his expensive possessions, adding to the image of Alan as a socially inept and comically misinformed character.

This scene also introduces the comedic tension between Alan and Teddy that appears throughout the Film."


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Spot on. A very good rule by this judge.

P.S. : Hey the keep my signed checkbox isn't working since the site redo, please fix that.

668 days ago

Throwback kid    

don't worry, the Hangover 2 was so lame and unfunny I don't think anyone would even remember that scene. Five minutes after the movie ended I couldn't remember one thing that made me laugh? I even thought the monkey bit was lame. They should have let the Hangover one stand alone, this sequal was terrible

668 days ago


Ha ha, good one!

668 days ago


Too bad the judge didn't continue with: "And I fine Louis Vitton ten million dollars for wasting our time with this frivolous bull****. I further order that all the LV attorneys be disbarred and banished from civilization."

668 days ago


"Its a Lewis Vuitton" haha, that was a pretty funny movie, they are running it on cable right now, luggage and all.

668 days ago


LV is for Chavs, white trash and asians! if you ever go to asia you would be completely put off LV, Gucci, etc..these brands are worn by 80% of the population - men in fake and real LV belts, GUCCI all over the place..sooo tacky!!! many in the fashion world predict in the next 10 years these brands will be so overdone that they will lose any kind of appeal, except for with low class chavs..but i argue they are already there. nice effort to save your brands LV, but too late!

668 days ago


And I think the joke only served to advertise and enhance the brand of LV because it is very high end. No one knew it was a fake until the company pointed it out..... I think any company should be happy to have their product get free advertising, but then maybe the French don't have a sense of humor.

668 days ago

Dinky Doo    

Ha! oh brothaaaaaaaaa...I hope they make another lv joke in their next flick just for spite!!!

668 days ago

Dinky Doo    

they should have just been glad for the free advertisement

668 days ago

Dinky Doo    

there's other companies paying big bucks for movie product placement!

668 days ago


I think this judge seriously missed his calling as a good movie critic.

668 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

What a cheap "Versays" rip-off. And even that wasn't all that funny back in the Bronze Age...

667 days ago


This is stupid.Is like suing him for not pronouncing the word retard in the 1st movie.

666 days ago


As long as people can tell it was not lv bag, there is not attempt and it is okey. People have different design (color, shape, pattern, and mark) and others can have choices............People should have freedom of choices.

643 days ago
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