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Priscilla Presley

Bodyguard TAKES DOWN Autograph Seeker

6/20/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

Attempting to get Priscilla Presley's autograph came at a very high price for one dude -- as in ... a severe ASS WHOOPING!!

Priscilla was leaving Pantages Theater last night in Hollywood when she stopped to sign autographs for a large group of fans -- but one autograph seeker started arguing with Priscilla's bodyguards ... over the positioning of his photo. Seriously.

The guy actually threatened the bodyguards, saying ... "You damage my property, I'm gonna damage something of yours." A few seconds later the autograph seeker learned the true meaning of damage ... as fists start flying!

The bodyguard makes quick work of the dude -- who was already wearing a leg brace -- taking him down to the ground ... and staying on top of him while the autograph seeker threatens to sue.

Gotta say ... the autograph seeker was pretty mouthy, especially considering he was in a leg brace AND much smaller than the beefy bodyguards. But check the video ... for the takedown and Priscilla's reaction.


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That guy had a nasty attitude.

799 days ago

Cody W    

so let me get this straight.....a guy is getting his ass whooped 10 ft away and the camera man keeps filming the autograph session....what kinda pap is this guy....pfft.

799 days ago


Priscilla is Elvis' EX-wife,but continues to live off his name and fame,all these years. She was in charge of his estate & shrewdly made it prosper, thus insuring HER wealth for the rest of her life.(she's no dummy). She actually remarried (or lived with )some guy named Garibaldi & had a son with him). However,has refused to relinquish
the Presely name, as it assures her continued prestige. She lives in the past glory of the fame that was Elvis! Poor girl could just never move on and become her own person.

798 days ago


I am shocked at how many commenters have Priscilla confused with her daughter Lisa Marie. TMZ, perhaps you should clarify that Priscilla was Elvis' wife and mother of Lisa Marie.

798 days ago


Just wanted to confirm what others have pointed out - these guys were not bodyguards. They were muscle-bound lumps working security for a small theater. It's possible she asked for someone to help her leave, but I doubt it. I suspect it was the theater management, or the security team themselves... Either way, they got carried away while doing a lousy job of trying to 'protect' a famous visitor - Priscilla Presley - while she signed autographs for a few people outside their venue. They started out crowding Ms Presley initially, then got distracted by and overreacted to an irritating loud mouth before more or less abandoning Ms Presley while 'dealing with' the loud mouth (who had a huge leg brace!) ... All in the space of a few seconds. The TMZ footage would make an excellent 'How NOT to' training video.
And yes, I do know how it's supposed to be done ... It's a profession that sadly gets a bad name because of people and situations like this.

798 days ago


I hope that fan SUES THE $#%& out of that "bodyguard" who full on attacked him without provocation. It's on video. You can take that to the bank, fan. And make sure that "bodyguard's" name is KNOWN so he will not be hired again. He's a liability to employers.

741 days ago


I can't bring myself to watch this video. Security/bouncers/bodyguards are all thugs in my view. Just because a guy is mouthy does not mean he deserves a beatdown. And maybe he was mouthy because they were being pricks. I see a lot off people getting moutthy with bouncers and have been tempted myself at times. They are the ones that provoke people. You could be the quietest of guys but once you had drink down you and been provoked by these idiots, you can start getting mouthy.

And getting mouthy is not an excuse for violence. Just thugs and bullies the lot of them.

737 days ago
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