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Jerry Sandusky


of Raping Children

6/23/2012 5:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Jerry Sandusky
was found guilty tonight of child molestation, and will almost certainly spend the rest of his life in prison.

The former Penn State assistant football coach was found guilty of 45 of the 48 counts involving 10 boys over a 15 year period.

The jury reached the verdict after deliberating a little more than 20 hours.  The judge didn't want to wait until Monday so he had the verdict read at 10 PM ET.

68-year-old Sandusky showed little emotion as the verdicts were read.

He was sent immediately to county jail, where he will await formal sentencing, probably in about 3 months.

8 victims took the stand to testify against Sandusky -- often in graphic detail -- describing how the former PSU coach abused them, from inappropriate touching and group showering, to forced oral and anal sex. Other witnesses described accounts pertaining to the remaining two victims.

Sandusky did not take the stand in his own defense.

Sandusky's lawyers insinuated the witnesses were financially motivated -- but the defense fell flat.

Sandusky met many of the children he abused through his Second Mile children's charity ... which Sandusky claimed he founded to help underprivileged boys.

PSU football coaching icon Joe Paterno was fired after the scandal for not taking enough action following a 2001 report that Sandusky had molested a child in the PSU showers. Paterno died shortly after from lung cancer.

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No Avatar


You could always tell by his face and demeaner that he was guilty

791 days ago


You old ugly creep! I cant even look at his picture he's just a walking image of the devil himself!!

791 days ago


So very sad that this when on at Penn State longer then it had too!!! Penn State should never had allow this sick pervert on their property the first time they heard about this!! Shame, shame on all involved who knew!! Sandusky you are responsible for inflicting so much emotional scaring ,damaging and long life suffering in the lives of these boys and know amount of time in prison is good enough for a sick s*** bag like you!!!!!!

791 days ago


I hope prison is kind to him
Ahhhhhhhhhhh NOT!!
Hope BIG BUBBA gets him `` day 2

791 days ago


They got him ..great to hear. Now they fired the coach and the president or something like that at the university but are they going to let McQuery get away scott free? he should have also gone to the police and told them what he saw not just the coach. It is everybody's responsibility when they see children getting raped or even just in a situation like this where he saw the child against the shower wall and Sundasky behind him to report it to the police or at least child protective services in his state

791 days ago


No sympathy for this slug. You do the crime, you do the time. Its too bad hes had the chance to live a full life while ruining others and his family's lives.

791 days ago


LIFE IMPRISONMENT is Far Too Lenient !
DEATH is more Befitting these PERVERTS !
I know for a Fact these boys had much of their Life taken away... and continue to cope with this Rape Trauma to this day - perpetrated by a man who only
cared about his own personal perverted satisfaction.

791 days ago


Jerry Sandusky's face looks like my azz. What a chowderhead.

791 days ago


This jury could have not gotten it more right,ANY person man or woman who would destroy a childs life ,because they needed sexual gratification,deserves a prison with child molesting being the worst crime with the prisoners.ALSO people BEWARE,Casey Anthony next comments are "she was molested in a shower"I am sure as I am breathing,Casey will incorporate,Sandusky's crime and use parts in her upcomming ''TRUTH"

791 days ago


Sure, all those people humiliated themselves, bringing back old feelings that have destroyed every day of their lives for money. Suuuuure.

791 days ago


All this for a Football Program!

791 days ago

truth teller    

The hypocrisy. Half of you would lot to hit a Miley Cyrus, Dorothy Stratten, Zack Efron or Justin Bieber. Even one day before their 18th birthday. Be prepared to spend $40,000 a year putting this guy up. House arrest would have been sufficient.

791 days ago

annie stu    

thank you,the jury of pa.,now lets get the other people of penn stste who did not do their jobs

791 days ago


I would never want my son or daughter to go through something as terrible as this.Mothers and Fathers teach and love your children.help them grow.I read a great book that helped me and we read it together.Take a look.http://www.amazon.com/My-Little-Man-Lady-ebook/dp/B007K2VZIM /http://www.amazon.com/My-Little-Lady-Man-ebook/dp/B007KL67ZE

791 days ago


Good. His wife is in denial and an enabler. Deep down she must've known what was going on all these years. They're both pathetic!

791 days ago
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