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Meredith Vieira REJECTS NBC Offer

to Replace Ann Curry

6/21/2012 10:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NBC secretly offered Meredith Vieira a big contract to replace Ann Curry on the "Today" show ... but she turned them down.

Sources connected with the network tell TMZ ... the offer was made approximately two weeks ago but Meredith wasn't interested in returning to the show she anchored for 6 years.

TMZ broke the story back in April ... Ann Curry was on her way out, partly because NBC was unhappy with her performance, partly because the ratings started to suck, and partly because Matt Lauer didn't like working with her.

As we reported, when Matt re-signed with "Today," he made it clear he wanted a new co-anchor, but NBC delayed making an immediate change because the network didn't want to make it look like a big foot on Matt's part.

From what we're hearing, Ann could be 86'd within a matter of weeks. 

As for who will replace Ann, network sources say the frontrunner is Savannah Guthrie, who co-hosts the third hour of "Today."


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All 3 of them are ****s and I have no Idea why Matt hasn't lost the rest of his hair yet

820 days ago

Julia Meynell    

Anny Curry is not the problem - I have watched the show for over 30 years, but now it is BORING - still Martha Stewart, Real Estate - and Matt your interviews snooze time. Al I won't even go there!!!

I have definitely gone back to GMA they are up on everything happening, fun and provide more entertainment and topical information than NBC has done for quite a long time, . Anne is definitely NOT the problem, you have got too comfortable and not providing entertainment.

Do NOT dump onAnne you all are part of the problem.

Concerned viewer.

820 days ago


I can watch anyone on the Today Show except Al Roker. He is an arrogant, pompous ass. Stopped watching The Weather Channel because you have to watch and listen to Al Roker. Totally disgusting.

820 days ago


Did the bosses ever think of getting rid of Matt. He is old news. Why always pick on the women. He needs to also go if you get rid of Ann. Come on guys, need new younger blood. How about a handsome guy that we can enjoy looking at during the news.

820 days ago


last thought - when i was a kid, jane pauley was on and she and bryant gumbel were terrific fun - then she left and they replaced here with a blond woman (i dont remember her name - sorry!) and it was unbearable to watch - stilted, awkward, no chemistry or levity - pretty much how Today is now. the moment they replace that co-anchor with katie couric it changed - banter, funny, but also good interviews - just an enjoyable morning show. Matt Lauer may or may not be a problem, but when Katie Couric and Meredith Viera were there the dynamic was terrific - now it's not - that is what needs fixing, and if you replace him with an earnest, serious boring person similar to Ann then no one will watch!

820 days ago


MEDIAite, just named Sarah Palin as #1 TV pundit. Maybe The Today Show should have her guest more.

820 days ago



820 days ago


I think Matt Lauer is a diva that needs to be replaced!

820 days ago


They need to get rid of Matt. He is a jerk and thinks he runs the place. He always has that look of why am I here working with these pee ons. He wears his pants tight and jackets are to small. The "only" reason I watch the Today show is Anne and Al. The new girl Savangh is horrible and acts stupid. Get rid of Matt and hire Regis or bring Katie back. Matt is the problem!! I say we boycott NBC if they get rid of Ann!!

820 days ago


Personally, I felt Ann was fantastic with the news reports, but when she filled in and interviewed anyone...she would answer every question she asked BEFORE the interviewee could!
Honestly, I think she was much better just doing the News.
Savannah Guthrie isn't much better either. Find someone new, or at least someone different.

820 days ago


NBC is the worst so she's smart for turning them down.

820 days ago


surprised they went back to Meridith after she took over for Katie to replace ann.. though given the todays show history of sooner or later either firing hosts or they move on should not be surprised Ann was next though too bad its because Matt does not like her and the big wigs do not want to make Matt mad that he leaves.

820 days ago


I am so thankful for "CBS This Morning" and their Charlie Rose.

Finally a morning show that isn't an insult to our intelligence leaving peeps dumbdown. Guess another way of saying it would be: Too bad NBC never grew up.

820 days ago

Scott Levy    

Ann Curry has always struck me as a cold, callous, uncaring person. Not the kind of personality I want to watch on a morning show.

820 days ago


It is interesting and quite telling that blame is placed on female anchor, Ann Curry, and that Lauer, who too often has behaved as an obstinate prima dona toward co-hosts and especially toward guests and interview subjects with whom he disagrees, will continue on "Today" unscathed by its decline. (What? Lauer to blame? Never!) NBC evidently still clings to a parochial view of women as secondary in importance, an accessory to the male host.

Doubt it is the case? Consider that Katey Couric would not return to "Today", because she would quite understandably be averse to retaking second fiddle to Lauer.

Lauer should retire to allow NBC, with Ann Curry's aid, professionalism and engaging style, to rework and refresh the "Today" show brand, and to ultimately cast "Today" in a new light. Ann Curry should assume Lauer's role as ringmaster with a sidekick anchor whose personality and skill set would compliment Curry's. Kudos to Meredith Vieira for declining NBC's offer for her to return to replace Ann Curry to retake her role as Lauer's second fiddle. Though Vieira has always enjoyed a reputation as a professional and good-natured team player, there still were ongoing rumors of enmity between she and Lauer.

819 days ago
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