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Karen Klein

I DON'T Accept

the Kids' Apologies

6/22/2012 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Karen Klein tells TMZ ... she DOES NOT accept the apologies issued by the kids who taunted her on a NY school bus ... claiming "I think they can do better."

Two of the devil children penned letters of apology to the 68-year-old bus monitor ... after the video went viral this week. Klein also got a letter from the parents of a boy who participated in the incident.

But Karen and her daughter just called in to "TMZ Live" ... saying they're just not ready to forgive.

Klein also says she has a few suggestions about how the kids should be punished.

Klein says she's blown away by the outpouring of support she's received -- and has already come up with a few ideas on how to spend the hundreds of thousands of dollars people have donated to her.


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NYC public transportation bus drives are protected under the law for any type of violence or disturbing behavior on the bus. The same for bus school driver should be also practice. No matter what age misbehavior or disturbances on the school bus should not be allowed. Either the parents should be notify and have the parents drive the children themselves until the child learns how to behave and respect people who provided services for their convenience.

823 days ago

Rebecca Ponce    

I am a school bus driver in a similar situation with disrespectful kids. Reprimands did not work, speaking to the parents did nothing, and write ups failed. Eventually I had the school give the kids detention for their misdeeds on a weekly bases. Their behavior improved.

823 days ago


If someone can forgive the person who ran their child over, or killed their husband in a drunk driving incident, her not forgiving little punk asses for taunting her is kind of foul to me.
She looks like a typical old bus driver biotch anyway so I have no sympathy for her.
But she has free money now without suing the parents or school district & tying up the courts, plus her 15 minutes, so, whatevs. Yippee for her.

823 days ago


If I had a kid like any of those brats, I'd have them wear a sign on a busy street corner that says honk if you respect your elders or dislike bullying.

As for the donations, she's entitled to whatever our society feels she deserves.

823 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I don't blame her ... Those kid's are being fake because they got into trouble. Good job Grandma !!!

823 days ago


Bottom line...If this woman does not use this money in a productive way to combat the negative behavior of those kids on the bus, it proves she is more interested from profiting off this situation, than doing something to teach children that bullying is wrong.

This windfall coming her way can be used in so many amazing ways but something is telling me the lure of nice cars, trips and a brand new house is more important to her than making a difference in her community. I even saw a quote about her possibly doing a reality show. Yawn.

15 minutes of fame is ticking...and it seems like everytime she opens her mouth, she shows her true colors.

I will keep my donation and send it to more deserving people.

823 days ago


she should never except the apology! Why?? because these punks will never ever mean it. They are rotten little punks, they are a reflection of their up bringing.

823 days ago


I don't blame her, I wouldn't accept the apologies, either. Everyone knows the only reason they're doing it is because the video has been shown everywhere and the kids are an embarrassment to their parents. I'm sure the neither the parents or the horrible children want to look like idiots or want the type of negative attention they're getting, so they apologized. They don't mean it, they only did it because of all the attention. Too little, too late and what's even more nauseating is that they went to the media to apologize, not to the woman. Disgusting children undoubtedly raised by disgusting parents. Children learn cruelty from somewhere, usually their parents.

823 days ago

Uh oh i am screwed    

There is no excuse for the way those little SOB's behaved but it should not have came to light by the video going viral. The lady was hired to monitor kids and keep behavior in check, i would also bet she was supposed to report things like this WHEN they happen.

Mine may not be the popular opinion and i know i will get slammed for this but she should have reported this. The driver should have been informed, the bus should have been taken back to the school and the little turds should have been dealt with when it happened.

Also kids are taught to report behavior like this, why would they if it isn't even reported by adults/staff?

She seems like a very sweet lady, but honestly i don't think she can handle the job she was hired to do. While no one should have to take that kind of abuse, this isn't a case of some random little old lady, she was hired to be the responsible adult on a bus full of teenagers.

Chances are this was not the first time these kids have bullied, and it won't be the last. If there was do***entation it would help in future (or past) incidents. By doing nothing she sent a message that this behavior is acceptable. She is the adult they are the kids and she should have done her job and reported it. (In our district teachers/staff are required to report all bullying and even rumors of bullying) I would be interested to know what her exact job description is, and if the district/school or state has any policies about mandatory reporting.

Personally i am surprised that no one else reported it, I know there are some kids on my sons Jr. high bus that report it when kids look crossed eyed at each other.

823 days ago


The ONLY meaningful way to bring any change and knowledge to these kids is not by a meaningless letter their parents dictated. Parents who probably taught them to be baby bigots, racists,, the ONLY way to bring change to their little minds is to order them/mandate them to spend weeks at an assisted living facility. Assign each one to a senior who is lonely and can teach them something about respect and how it was when they were young when your elders were respected and listened to. When stories of survival and tolerance and carrying forward ethics and morals meant something. Make these kids interact until they GET IT. I guarantee it will work, and probably change their lives. Obviously they aren't getting this at home.

823 days ago

windy city    

Awwww, they're sorry they got caught. Whattsa mater with you?

823 days ago


People giving her $ cause she old and white not needy. She took the job then she knew what comes with it. Bus drivers all over America deal with bad kids like this everyday and if this bus needed a monitor then you already know the business....

823 days ago


Words are nothing. Show some actions. Obviously the parents and school environment need some looking into. She was went into the job field to help kids and that is how she is treated? BS

823 days ago


Why should she accept their Apologies? They had no common courtesy for her while they were on the bus. Their true behavior was shown on the video,they are only now saying sorry because their parents are making them. For the people who say she is holding out for more money, I highly doubt it. It wasn't her who leaked the video it was one of the punk kids trying to prove how cool and tough they are. Guess that blew up in their face? Most of you forget they said she had no family because the all committed suicide, which a news report I saw said her daughter did. How would you feel if someone disrespected you and your child that way. If people want to donate money to her why shouldn't she take t??

823 days ago

BB not bb    

This lady has gotten over half a million in donations already as of now. Where do people even know to send the money? They see a video on youtube and suddenly money starts pouring in. I find this very strange.

People are very obasessed with antibullying any more. Maybe it is more like the media for blowing this up. I think the whole thing is kind of sickening. Yeah I feel sorry for her but really, how did she last this long in life without a backbone to defend herself?

Old people can be some of the dirtiest nastiest evilest people around. I am not saying she is like that but plenty of people are picked on all the time. It is rare that someone is not being harrassed and picked on. People even take it for granted that they can do it and I am talking about adults.

How do we know this is not just another puclicity stunt like with Trayvon Martin? I really don't get why she just sat there and said nothing when it is her job to control them. I sort of couldn't even relate to this and had to turn it off. It was just too weird watching an old lady take all that smack and not caare.

823 days ago
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