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Chris Brown & Drake Brawl

Tony Parker Sues Club

for $20 MILLION

6/22/2012 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

NBA superstar Tony Parker -- who was injured when Drake and Chris Brown's posses squared off -- is suing the NYC nightclub for $20 million, claiming it should never have let Rihanna's exes in at the same time ... and Chris Brown as well as Drake could end up as defendants. 

The San Antonio Spurs star filed the lawsuit Thursday in NY State Supreme Court ... against W.i.P. Nightclub -- and in the suit he alleges the club's security was negligent for allowing the brawl to ever happen.

Parker says he was hit by shards of glass and suffered lacerations to his cornea when bottles started flying in the fight last week.

The lawsuit alleges club management, knowing there was "bad blood between Drake and Brown," was driven by the almighty buck and continued selling alcohol to the participants in the brawl, despite the fact that some were "visibly intoxicated."

Parker's injury is a huge deal because it could affect his NBA career, and -- more immediately -- his performance in the Olympics with the French national basketball team.

As for why he would sue for $20 MILLION? Parker is in the middle of a $50 million contract with the Spurs.

As for whether Chris Brown or Drake will be added as defendants, Parker's lawyer, David Jaroslawicz, tells TMZ ... he's waiting for the results of the police investigation.  He also wants to review the surveillance tape before making his decision.

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No Avatar


They should have never let Rihannas exes in at the same time? If the kept out everyone she banged the club would be empty

799 days ago


What an arrogant prick. These people abuse their civil rights left and right. How about you accept responsibility for not getting out of harm's way before it went down. You're suing because these two were allowed in the club - if you knew that was a dangerous idea or you were at risk of being in harm's way, you should have left.

TMZ, how about you post a daily story on soldiers that suffered REAL INJURIES so this sh*t-head can live in a country that provides the PRIVILEGE to make $$MILLIONS with his god given talents. Do some good with your influence for a change.

799 days ago


Stupid. Sue the brawlers not the bar.

799 days ago

King Anton    

Are u BSing me? Seriously, he was there now too. Next up Mary Lou Retton is gonna sue for being hurt there.

799 days ago


What a frivolous, stupid law suit.

It just makes Tony Parker look like the world's biggest douchebag, in his attempts to bankrupt a nightclub, which is probably owned by a person or team with families, who are just trying to make ends meat. Sorry Tony -- not everyone makes exorbitant money just for playing a sporting game (sorry, that's the only skill you have). Disgusting man.

799 days ago


Losing your eyesight to corneal injury is SERIOUS. My mom had to have 2 cornea transplants because she got a scratch on her corneas .She is now legally blind.
SUE SUE SUE SUE SUE. Sue all the Bastards. Make them go in to bankruptcy. Drake, Chris and the club.

799 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Don't ya just love how America can take total worthless ghettos*** and turn them into millionaires a hundred times over for doing nothing more than the same shiiite that 3/4 of the black male population are sitting in jail for.... try THAT back in Africa you all hate it so much here. These rappers will ALL BE DEAD by 40 or caged and broke.

799 days ago


I understand the lawsuit, understand the why of it, and even the need for it, but at the same time I have wonder that he doesn't see his own responsibility here. For everything he says the club did wrong, he still stayed. Either he didn't believe it would turn violent, which the club can say too, or the situation didn't bother him... that is, until he got hurt.
If you are in a place where a volatile situation is brewing, you get out of there. Plain and simple.
In any case, Brown and Drake should be the ones sued here, not the club. They brought the thugs in, they brought the hair-trigger bodyguards, and they probably brought the Jersey Shoreish women who were throwing bottles at people too. The club is not to blame here, other than having the need to change their policies. Basically meaning, Brown and Drake F-ed it up for everyone.

799 days ago


oh yea, the club should keep track of who is dating who and who broke up with who....my guess is she has loads of ex's all over the place....those 2 little boys are the ones that should be sued?????? what a weird lawsuit...

799 days ago


So, go to a club with "friends", have them get into a fight, throw things, get hurt and sue the club. Got it!

799 days ago


LOL you wackadoodles will not except Ms Aubrey is going to pay dearly for his actions. LOL I don't know why TMZ draggin this out when I KNOW they've seen the surveillance tape showing MS AUBREY accosting Chris as he was trying to LEAVE the club and separate his guests and himself from the detrimental situation.

799 days ago


if my "girl" was doing another guy, my disgust would be focused on her. Us guys will do any girl thats asking for it. the men haven't sworn to love you!!!

799 days ago


$20 million? I have a scratched cornea, too. It hurts like crazy, but it's not worth that much. This is nuts!

799 days ago


good, I hope it turns into a class action suit. I want to see how Chris Brown and Drake are going maneuver themselves out of this one... It'll cost them to pay off the system to dodge this one and that's good enough for me. At the end there'll be the obligatory "apology" issued and everything will be swept under the rug---but it wasn't free. Being ghetto can be expensive when you're playing on the white man's turf where you just can't hit and run.

799 days ago


Too bad it's a corporation that he is trying to sue. Chances are if he wins the lawsuit they will shut down the club and reopen it under a new name. Forfeiting any old debts involved with the past company that got sued.

799 days ago
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