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Nightclub to Tony Parker

The Drake/Chris Brown Fight Is Not Our Fault!

6/23/2012 9:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

W.i.P. nightclub feels it's absurd that Tony Parker is suing them over the Chris Brown/Drake fight ... saying there is no way they could have predicted what went down ... sources directly connected to the club tell TMZ. 

Parker filed a $20 million lawsuit against the club on Thursday, claiming the club should have known "there was bad blood between Drake and Brown" and only fueled matters by selling them and their posse alcohol.

But sources close to the club tell TMZ that Drake and Chris Brown are not prone to such violence, with one source saying, "Chris Brown and Drake are not Biggie and Tupac."

We're told the club feels the fight was out of their control and they did everything they could to stop it as quickly as possible. 

Our sources say the club finds Tony's allegation they were understaffed to be ridiculous ... saying they had around 15 security guards working that night and the owners personally choose who goes in the club and who doesn't.

So far, no charges have been filed related to the brawl, but the case is still under investigation by the NYPD.

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No Avatar


The nightclub isn't a babysitting joint for homies. Sue them, not the nightclub.

850 days ago


The club was responsible--they might as well accept that. It happened in their place. But those in the fights are also responsible, and if Tony thought this was a bad situation, he should have been responsible enough to leave. I would have if I felt it was a tenuous atmosphere. These lawsuits and counter lawsuits are going to last many, many years.

850 days ago


I've got to side with the club on this. It's not their business to find out the details of the personal lives of everyone who enters the club. It's also the personal responsibility of everyone in the club to control themselves, or get out of the way when a fight starts, particularly if the "victim" knew of bad blood between other guests (if the club was supposed to know about it, Parker should have known, too, and steered clear of them both).

850 days ago


if that was the case tony, and u walked into the club and saw each of them was there, maybe u should have left.

850 days ago


what a wuss. first he cheats on eva longoria. then he gets lawsuit happy because a few rappers have a sissy bottle throwing match and he gets a boo boo

850 days ago

John Basedow    

Love Chris Brown's gay, "I didn't do it, maybe he did, look".

850 days ago


Somebody is going to pay and it looks like Parker is going to need a whole new set of homies.
...and Dude why put yourself somewhere where there is even a chance of wrecking the career?

850 days ago


Tony should be suing Chris Brown and Drake since it was their Entourages that started the fight but he'd rather sue someone who may go broke fighting the suit.

850 days ago


LOL Watch this Jackazz change his tune real quick when his lawsuit gets laughed out of court. i don't see him trying to sue anyone else. They have a lot of followers and I don't think he wants the backlash it would likely cause him.

850 days ago


haha, the club should have known? So they have a chart of every person that comes to the club and who they have a beef with at that current time? They should work for the NSA.

850 days ago

The Atlanta Church Of Satan     

That's OK, Just blame it on Satan. Devils in the night club. I wish Lindsay had showed up and thrown a bottle.

850 days ago


Really, Tony? It's one thing to sue for your medical expenses, but quite another to sue for $20 million over this fight. If you, Mr. Failed Rapper, know these 2 men have beef so bad they can't act like human beings in a nightclub, then why didn't you leave and find another club? You're so hip to the rap beef scene, yet you stayed? Please! Get a clue! Even if the club had 100 guards, once a bottle flies, it flies and it may hit someone innocent before the idiot can be grabbed and escorted out. Maybe all clubs should shut down over that fear. You are suing the wrong party! Tony isn't suing Drake or Chris cause he's an idiot and doesn't want to get on their bad side because he may need them to help if he tries to rap again.

850 days ago

voice of reason    

Going after the club instead of those two idiots is ridiculous. It’s a nightclub not a BBQ at the Brady Bunch house. What...he doesn’t know they serve alcohol there? He didn’t notice Drake , Chris and other pseudo “gangsta” there that night? It is clear that the tension was gradually rising for a while before the actual fight erupted. If you were sensible Parker, you would made a quite exit the moment you sensed the change of the atmosphere but instead, same as other idiots, you stayed to watch the showdown between Chris and Drake...just too bad those two ladies decided to hide behind their bodyguards while their entourage busied themselves carelessly throwing bottles at anything and anybody. Now you want a fat cheque? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE give me a break.

850 days ago


This publicity-seeking case will be thrown out. To say the nightclub is responsible is ridiculous.

850 days ago


It looks like the nightclub was just raking in the money selling expensive liquor to rich people while providing little to NO security to its patrons inside the club. Who was the manager that night? How come we haven't heard from that person? Was the manager even on the premises? Because no 'club representative seems to have had anything under control that night - except maybe the cash register. Things didn't just blow up but while the situation was boiling the club just kept selling more bottles.

850 days ago
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