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Kim K's Lawyer

Grills Kris Humphries

Like a Cheeseburger

6/25/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0625_kris_humphries_getty_articleThe bad news for Kris Humphries -- he's about to face hours of grueling/brutal questioning from Kim Kardashian's legal team. The good news -- the lawyer is really hot.

We've learned Kris is minutes away from taking an oath to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and then disso queen Laura Wasser's associate (who's just as hot as Laura) will fire questions at Kris. Por ejemplo ...

-- If you were so devastated by Kim pulling the plug on your marriage, why were you banging a new girlfriend 2 months later?

-- Why do you think you're entitled to $7 million when you signed a prenup saying you'd get nothing?

-- Did you not profit from the marriage, by becoming the celebrity to which you have aspired?

The depo starts at 10 AM.

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Since when has having a broken heart stopped a man from screwing anything that will put out.

851 days ago


I feel sorry for Kris!!! Kim is a whore and mother is a whore master and her lawyers are s***bags...I hope Kris wins big time for putting up with that family..They are a disgrace!!!!

851 days ago


Bruce Jenner attempted to fix Kim up, with an attractive,nice golf pro on the show. Only one problem,the guy wasn't black as coal, so she wasn't even remotely interested. The girl has a problem and doesn't even know it.

851 days ago


Yeah, we can see which side TMZ is on seeing that they created this monster known as the Kardashian Family.

851 days ago


He needs to renovate his cave

851 days ago


Does anyone remember his girlfriend Bianca. She had alot to say about Kris hooking up with Kim. She said that he didn't like Kim or her family so it came as a shock to her when he hooked up with Kim. Kris had his motives when he hooked with Kim. He knew there would be fame and fortune. He unfortunately was too immature to play his game right. You saw how quick he dropped Myla for the sake of money so please don't let him insult you any further. He proposed remember. It's unfortunate that people got hurt in this whole fiasco.Regarding the leaks of what Myla had for evidence could only have come from Kris. He and his lawyer put out the info in order to taint the public and they could put their spin on it. This was and always will be about the money.

851 days ago


On recent show, Khloe came across as her usual, arrogant, conceited, disrespectful self. She acts like a totally different person around Odom- who is the "real", Khloe??

851 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

Who the hell cares what a lawyer looks like? Especially the one on the other side of the table?

851 days ago


And, speaking of hypocrites, harvey, WHEN are you going to finally fire that racist, illiterate staffer of yours, Raquel, who, just the other day, on TMZ Live, screamed out "i wouldn't wanna have a retarded baby!" in reference to snooki falling off her high heel shoes while pregnant??!! All you and your staff do is sweep all the racists comments coming out of that skank's mouth under the rug..we ALL saw the horror in your and Charles' faces when Raquel, yet again, showed how disgusting, racist and hateful she is towards anyone who isn't 'hood' like her. She can't even speak properly or goes overboard to sound like a thug. And, that ridiculous blonde 'beyonce wannabe' wig she's wearing makes her look insane. I'll never forget that day she yelled out about George Zimmerman, saying how she wished people would kill him, and again, you and your minions had to go to break and shut her up, yet, she STILL has a job there. Talk about hypocrites..you're paid by the Kardashians to build them up, you use the word 'banging' like your in 7th grade, and you won't fire a skank that you yourself would complain about if she were working for any other company. FIRE that bitch already!!! You know she's not going to stop putting her racist foot into her fugly mouth.

851 days ago


OPRAH WINFREY, seriously kissing Kardashian ass,in her interview session. Usually astute, she seriously fumbled in, a vain attempt to save her ailing network. OPRAH sold out-very disappointed in her.

851 days ago


To TJ- There is another Janet that is on team Kris. I have always believed that Kris knew exactly what he was doing when he hooked up Kim. Everyone says he was too young is just trying to make excuses. By the time he hooked up with Kim he had already played for a few teams which included contracts and money. He's a college drad. so the people who love him so much are actually saying he is young and immature, which to me is insulting him. So when you see a comment from the other "Janet" going for team Kris it's not me. Thank you and have a great day.

851 days ago


This question should have this before it. "Who cares if the Marriage was fake." "Did you not profit from the marriage, by becoming the celebrity to which you have aspired?"

851 days ago


Well Kartrashian was banging little boy West during their marriage, not after. Kartrashian and her clan of gypsies are a disgrace to humankind. Kris should get half of what was earned during their marriage, including 1/2 of the value of the Ferrari that was a "wedding gift" and kept by Ms. Fat A$$. Kartrashian will end up getting trashed once the public finds out about their actions. That being said, Kris made a terrible choice of girlfriend's (golddiggers) and should have learned some sense after the Big Butted One.

851 days ago


The kkklan and wasser are idiots in believing they created some grand life of fame for KH from being married for to one of pimpmom's spawn for 72 days. Actually, there is no fame associated in that role -- it's called "infamy" and a nightmare for KH. But the fact is, if he didn't already have some level of celebrity-status going for himself in the first place (i.e., pro-bball player), kimho wouldn't have had anything to do with him. Clearly, their arugments are going to be weak and he will ultimately win what he needs to put his life back as close as the court can get him before these gypsies got their hooks into him. Annullment granted with $10M in punitive damages from the money she raked in under false pretenses, and never would have without him as her prop-groom.

851 days ago


Kris H.-stay strong. Not easy to deal with wealthy. narcissistic sociopaths. They have the advantage of not having any consciences and are gifted with the ability, to rationalize and justify all their actions ,with their highly creative minds.Doesn't make a wrong, right.

851 days ago
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