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First Date Minus the Brood

(But Plus a Photographer)

6/30/2012 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's not easy to arrange a date with your boyfriend when you have 14 children ... but Octomom finally pulled it off this week and enjoyed her first real excursion with her new man. 

As TMZ first reported, Octo and Frankie G (a 23-year-old bodybuilder) have been dating for the past two months.

But the pair had not been able to partake in an outing on their own until this week, when Frankie surprised Octo by getting a friend to watch the kids so he could take her to Will Rogers Beach in Santa Monica.

The two worked out together on the beach as Frankie has been training her to get Octo in shape for her upcoming strip club appearance at The Playhouse in Hollywood, FL on July 13.

Training your girlfriend for her strip show ... does it get more romantic?


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He is not even LOOKING at her, he is scoping out the guys on the beach - I truly hope she doesn't really think this is real.

844 days ago


Bruno STFU you jealous b/witch!

844 days ago

Jackazz flatts    

Who farted?

844 days ago



844 days ago


Let's stop calling her Octomom. We can call her Octo-Birth Mother, but nothing more than that. She is NEVER with those kids. Ever. All those kids and never a single one in the photo, and she is always (always!) away from home. Mom?! Give me a break.

844 days ago


LOL...LOL...HE has a BETTER chest than she does!!!!! She's all saggy! He's nice and taut!

844 days ago


Teamnausea, reminded again how many days it is til the foreclosure move. Or you just checking out the underside of a pier with a view.

844 days ago



844 days ago


First of all, I think the guy, might prefer p***s.

15 minutes of fame maybe.

What 23 year old guy, would want to be a father to 14 kids?

844 days ago


Hey Frankie next time you are on a beach date with the old hag - did a hole in the sand right near the incoming waves and bury her up to her tendony, crepey neck. Then walk away. California has a stand your ground law. We'll believe you if you tell us it was self defense. No worries.

844 days ago


Bruno, so MUCH to be jealous of, right? Remember when they called her a clown car? Looks like she's spending her entire life trying to prove it. And nothing else but. Day after day.

It would be interesting to see what kind of a sick twist this sociopath really does believe is going well in her head with this daily debacle.

Having grossed out every woman in America for 3 years , it seems she's now going for wilting every guy.
Seriously, WHO is there that is going to put any kind of money behind this skidmark? You could get a better investment out of marketing turdcicles.

Foreclosed, universally despised and intent on degrading herself to the max at every single opportunity. You think if she'd beard for a boytoy it would be one worth more than a bottle deposit. I guess he's going to splurge on her at Mickey D's on the allowance Gina gives him.
Does this poor silly moron have any concept of what he's done to his future?

By the way, aren't there 14 neglected trapped kids involved in this somehow?
Think of it. The cruelest and most telling thing this sow has done is to title her grotesquely skanky s***fest Home Alone.

844 days ago


wow, they go to church together in between training for strip shows and porn? must be the same church the kartrashinans own

844 days ago


how the hell does she have time to go to the beach for the day with 14 KIDS!!!!!!!! I know mothers that can barely take time off with 2. She obviously could care less about her children and more with the cameras.

844 days ago


No. This is the porn guy that's gonna eventually fill her hole on camera. They're just trying to soften up the impact of calling it a porno. It's a porno in a "couple's love tape" fashion. But you wanna see her piehole right?

844 days ago


They are the new Heidi and Spencer Pratt. It's too posed. it's so fake. She should be keeping her hands out of her pants, keeping her clothes on, forgetting about guys and taking care of those damn kids she had to have SOOOOO badly that nothing else mattered, not even caring for the ones she already have.

844 days ago
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