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Charlie Sheen

Count Me in for 'Idol'


7/11/2012 6:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen
tells TMZ, he's 100% on board to judge the next season of "American Idol" -- but there are several conditions that must be met before he signs the dotted line.

As TMZ first reported, "Idol" Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe told us he would LOVE to have Charlie Sheen and Jerry Lewis as judges for season 12. Nigel would not say if he was joking ... but he repeated his wish list several times during the conversation.

CONDITION #1. Charlie says FX -- the network that airs his show "Anger Management" -- must sign off on an "Idol" deal ... but Jennifer Lopez proved, being on A.I. can be good for business.

CONDITION #2. Charlie says the money has to be right:  "If the numbers move the needle AND 'Idol' matches 20% of my weekly salary for Autism Speaks, JDRF, and the Boys and Girls Club ... then the hell with it. As we say, pour the smoke."

That's Charlie-speak for "Why the hell not?"

As for Jerry Lewis, he's in Nashville directing a stage play of "The Nutty Professor" and was not available for comment.



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Numero Uno

834 days ago

Fat Mike    

Another story that won't come to fruition. You seriously need to go on vacation, Harvey, and then come back and start publishing true stories again.

834 days ago

BB in CA    

I would consider watching AI again if the fur hag leaves.

834 days ago


count me in,if lindsay lohan is on the chair.cos right now am going where brittany is,and simon cowel.they have the juice.

834 days ago

just my opinion    

um charlie sheen has abused women, done some very fcked up things in life and has been an overall douche...albiet an entertaining douche for years and years and years...but he gets this "forgiven" treatment, why? because he's hollywood 'royalty'? uh, no. i actually LIKE charlie sheen's budget movies and his other work but let's call a spade a spade. NO.

834 days ago

ivona poyntz    

Charlie should feel lucky to get any offers at all

834 days ago


Charlie can't find anything else to do. He ditched his wife, kids and carrier for the booze

834 days ago


Count me in too. The guy is pretty funny and he is quick.

834 days ago


Isn't Jerry Lewis like 90 now?

834 days ago

two cents    

Charlie! People are starting to forget about your breakdown. Stop reminding them. Keep laying low, and things will be fine. And shut up already!

834 days ago


Yeah, why DO you all forgive this abusive piece of trash for all he has done? I dont get why, I really don't. He is NOT that great an actor. He's no Robert Downey Jr, who deserved his second chances, but this douche bag should crawl back under a rock like the ****roach he is.

834 days ago


How about reruns of Hanna Montana?

834 days ago


It is unbelieveable to me that ANYBODY would want this drug addicted, alcoholic, narcissistic a**hole Charlie for ANY show! WTF are people thinking??? This stupid idiot Nigel wants rambling-ass Charlie for Idol?? Sure, forget his reputation is for **** and that he is a big joke and looks like hell from years of drug and alcohol abuse. I keep hoping the jerk*ff will just die from an overdose or go in some car accident somewhere. Just go the F away Charlie. Nobody cares and nobody wants to see your opinionated ass judge Idol.

834 days ago

Gloria Unread    

If this is true, this means Idol has officially jumped the shark and is completely desperate for ratings.
This would not go well. Remember Charlie's live shows.. even his own die-hard fans were booing him.
What the Hell does Charlie Sheen know about judging talent? Besides the "talent" of porn stars and prostitutes, obviously. If this were Courtesan Idol (which would be an awesome show) he'd be the best judge out there. But sadly, it's not.

834 days ago


If they hire Charlie Sheen as a judge; they might as well cancel Idol right now. He has no experience with the music industry and is not qualified to judge anyone's professional singing ability. Who would want their potential singing career decided by him? Didn't Idol learn their lesson when they had Ellen D. as a judge? He'll turn that show into a joke.

834 days ago
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