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Tom's Crazy Couch Stunt

Did NOT Doom His Marriage

7/13/2012 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's one of his most famously bizarre moments -- Tom Cruise jumping up and down on Oprah's couch ... on national TV -- but surprisingly, the big O doesn't think the outburst had ANY effect on his marriage.

Oprah was out in DC yesterday, when she was asked if Tom's infamous 2005 couch stunt damaged his relationship with Katie Holmes -- and she burst out laughing ... calling the mere notion "ridiculous."

In case you forgot, Tom had been dating Katie just over a month at the time ... and exploded on Oprah's show, explaining how head-over-heels he was about his new girl.

But here's the thing -- the incident is widely cited as evidence that Scientology had fundamentally changed Tom Cruise ... for the worse ... so it's not crazy to wonder if Katie saw red flags from the get go.

You gotta watch the clip -- Oprah's reaction is hilarious ... even Gayle gets involved.


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buzz kill    

Total screwball, surprised he didn't dance around in his underwear.

835 days ago


At her age she should be able to spot a phoney.

835 days ago


For the life of me, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY THE MEDIA (OR ANYONE ELSE) HAS MADE SUCH A BIT DEAL OF TOM JUMPING ON OPRAH's COUCH! He was in love with the beautiful young woman ... like anyone else, happy, and enthusiast, he got a big 'carried away' and jumped on a couch! Big deal! And how in the name of goodness would his 'jumping' on Oprah's couch have ANYTHING to do with the couple's divorce five or six years later? Whatever the 'irreconcilable differences' are surrounding Katie's reasons for initiating a divorce from Tom, I'm sure 'jumping on Oprah's couch wasn't one of them! Good Grief!

835 days ago

anna ureka    

Only a total idiot would think this had something to do with their divorce. They weren't even married yet. I get that ratings and newspaper sales are way up with Katie Holmes on the cover, but now they are just making up stuff for the mass idiots who believe anything and everything they read.-and yes Majestik Katie knew Tom was in Scientology when they dated in 2005 and she intentionally got pregnant and a year later married him. That was her choice to study it. The lady stopped going to catholic churh before she ever laid eyes on Tom Cruise so that was also her choice. Are you going to blame her last fiance for her not going to catholic churh too. Stop being so stupid

835 days ago


Personally, I can't stand Cruise, nor do I condone Scientology, but my goodness! He was just being silly and having a little fun. I watched that OPRAH episode and it just seemed to me to be a guy having a little fun. So he jumped on a couch! Big deal! I don't see why everyone thinks the "couch jumping incident" is proof he's nuts or Scientology is a cult. He was just having a little fun--wow.

835 days ago


WHY has NOONE pointed out the obvious in that whole relationship!? He TARGETED her to be the bearer of his gross seed! He picked her out- prob with help from scientology "experts" because she is the physical mirror image of him. And he wanted to make sure his natural offspring looked exactly like himself. It's always about freak-o-Tom celebrating himself. He is his biggest fan. Katie AND his kid were all about celebrating TOM in his own eyes. He's calculating, manipulative - out of control in the closet- FREAK. And Nicole is sitting back smiling so relieved she is not a part of IT anymore.

835 days ago


He is nauseating. His "full of himself mannerisms", his arrogant laugh- he's a narcissist. He thinks he's smarter then everyone else and he believes he's playing to the stupidity of the audience. He will never become self aware- although he believes he already is. The only thing that could put him in check is if he would STOP getting major roles in film! Put the boy on the sidelines- where he belongs. He's a fraud. He's boring- and even worse- he's gross. God help that child and Katie in dealing with him for the rest of their lives.

835 days ago


This is such a total suprise??????????????/ Tom/Cat big fallout .

835 days ago


For most guys banging a young girl, behind closed doors, this is how they act. In life after this Oprah act, it would be like a 40 year old banging Kate Upton. We you do this ish in public, you're doomed. It's like getting a name of someone you want tattooed on you. I will never happen.

835 days ago


I agree with Oprah and Gail- WHAT A STUPID QUESTION!!!

835 days ago


Tom jumping up and down on the couch was hilarious LOL. I wonder if maybe he was drunk or did it just strictly for laughs?

835 days ago


I am shocked no one picked up on the Tebow prior to Tom Cruise jumping on couch!!!!!

835 days ago


Tom doomed his marriage. ALL of them

834 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

So, TMZ, what you're implying is that Katie Holmes is so incredibly dense that it took her close to SEVEN YEARS to process that "nice" moment of rather peculiar behaviour, yes?

834 days ago


"the incident is widely cited as evidence that Scientology had fundamentally changed Tom Cruise", by morons

834 days ago
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