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NBA Star Joe Johnson

I Want My Baby to Inherit My MASSIVE NBA Contract

7/14/2012 7:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooklyn Nets guard Joe Johnson has a $126-million contract tied to his name and now he's filed legal docs to make sure his son gets a piece of it ... TMZ has learned.

The All-Star guard filed paternity paperwork earlier this week in Georgia to legally establish himself as the father of his alleged 5-year old son, whose mother is named Shannon Beckton.

In the docs, Johnson says he still wants to test for DNA (just in case) ... but if he is the father, he is asking the judge for joint physical and legal custody, for his son to be able to inherit from him, and for his son to take on his last name.

A judge has yet to rule.

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I am glad he is gone from the Hawks, dude is overpaid and overrated.

830 days ago


If you choose to ride bareback, than pony-up after the ride is over. Smart guys follow the BIll Clinton example -- "the stork brings the baby, not the swallow."

830 days ago


If he is so greedy he can wholly support his children he should keep himself in his pants.

830 days ago


Look what Happens to the Brooklyn nets when Kim Kardashian and Kayne tell JayZ how to run the team they gave 126million to a total LOOSER!!!!!!!!!

830 days ago

brown dynamite    

She's going to be taking care of the child at least 3/4's of the year, she should incur some of the expenses but he needs to pony up most of the cash seeing as how he will be absent physically for the most part until he retires. And from the sound of it might have been absent for most of the first 5 years of this kids life. It's the price you pay for having unprotected sex with a woman he barely knew. (If he is asking for a DNA test, it's assumed he may not have known her very well).

830 days ago


Welcome to the world of the non custodial parent, Just write the check and STFU.

830 days ago


Just blows me away how many women these black athletes sleep with and not used protection.

Most are groupie ho's and the players have slept with dozens to hundreds of women. Man the diseases.

830 days ago


When will these Insipid Nitwits learn? YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID !

830 days ago


How many other children does he have? These guys are no different than polygamists. They go from woman to woman and have children with them like it is some big accomplishment to be proud of. It's not. It makes you look like a mutt spraying all over town.

830 days ago


Seems like he just found out, and is trying to do the right thing. And I think she should have to pay some of the costs, you don't get to sit at home on your lazy butt just because you managed to make yourself a rich baby.

830 days ago


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830 days ago


As it should be...baby mamas should be paying for those kids too! Too bad being a baby mama is now the new way to sit at home and collect a check...

830 days ago


The moment some twit calls a woman his "baby mama" he should be forced to get a vasectomy...the moment he has 2 "baby mama's" he should be forced to marry one, or go to jail...and get a vasectomy.

Enough with the damn baby making machines.

829 days ago

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