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Dez Bryant

Allegedly Hit Mom in Face,

Ripped Her Bra

7/17/2012 8:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dez Bryant mug shot
Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant allegedly hit his mother in the face with his baseball cap ... and grabbed her by the shirt so hard that he ripped her bra ... this according to arrest documents obtained by TMZ.

The docs say ... cops were dispatched to Bryant's mother's home in DeSoto, Texas on July 14 at 1:47 PM after receiving a 911 call reporting an assault -- family violence.

Once cops arrived to the scene, Dez's mom Angela told cops she had gotten into an argument with Dez and demanded that he leave the home ... and that's when Dez got physical.

On the 911 call, Angela says, "My son has assaulted me. He's here now. he won't go home. I keep telling him to go, he won't go." You can clearly hear an argument in the background as Angela says, "I can't let him keep doing me like this. I'm gonna put an end to it today."

According to the documents, cops returned to Angela's home 2 days later and she complained of pain in her wrists, hands and arms ... and said her chest was sore from Dez pushing her.

Cops say they observed bruising in her upper arm. The docs list Dez Bryant as being 6'1", 198 pounds.

Bryant turned himself into police yesterday, and was booked for assault -- family violence, a Class A misdemeanor.

Dez’s attorney, Royce West, tells us ... “We’re going to do an investigation, find out what happened for ourselves. The most important thing is that we heal the family.”

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No Avatar

Oh A 💛💋    

Ah hell no ! I'm going to ****ing scream ! These ****ing NFL players are always doing some **** ! *****s be crazy these days ! What the **** is wrong with these *****s ! Dumb ass bitch ! SMH

792 days ago


HE ACTUALLY HIT HIS MOTHER??? Being a mother, she will forgive him and he will probably turn around and hit her again. The "Court of Public Opinion" will whack his backside and never let him live it down. That's life!!!

792 days ago


What a coward!!! Disgusting.

792 days ago


This mother is a loud mouth crazy driving a situation to 1) sue her son for $$$$$ and 2) destroy his success because of her jealousy that she can't control her adult son.

We all know this crazy maker who should be fitted for a straightjacket and given a muzzle with a lock and key on it.

Per the Bible: Mother do not drive your children crazy. It is within your sanity to handle situations.

This insane women comes short of really being anything but a self-serving witch and she needs to go away.

Anyone with a mother or father like this one that is always sabotaging your success, happiness or joy should be forgotten. Kick the dust from your feet and leave. Nothing will ever change. Go thru the heartache then smell the roses. You don't want a bitty like this one around your future wife and children. She evil.

Try it, you'll like it.

792 days ago


Ref #82: etc.

He should have left the second she went crazy instead of letting the situation get out of control and get drawn into her madness. Then he wouldn't have been around to defend himself against her ongoing physical abuse and both out-of-control mother and son equal abuse wouldn't have taken place. Too bad he couldn't connect himself from this crazy in time to get thehell out of dodge before she duplicated once again her savage, out-of-control drama queen destructive moves to inspire the assault which was one of self-defense.

792 days ago


You put your hands on yo mama no matter what you don't put yo hands on mama walk away that's mama was he high on drugs he go have to pay for that. That's one of the 10 commandments Dez u need to be slapped go hit on a man oh I forgot you ain't no man. U sorry piece of ##$$

792 days ago


Ha, what a classy guy. I can't wait for football season to start. Those guys tolerate a lot of ****, but beating up your own mom is bound to attract a little bit of attention if he every tries to run a crossing route.

792 days ago



Dez people will judge you for the fact that you are a pro athlete, many men here cannot catch nor run for ****. Time to go Beast Mode and prove your worth millions, Dallas texas was here and spoke the truth

791 days ago


Serious, your mom???? Nothing worse than a horrible son..... Your mom??

791 days ago

mike hunt    

TNB. Once again even the coloreds that use their slave breeding to pass itself off as an athlete , thereby getting as much money as some "counties" in the worst continent on the planet. Still it can't manage to stop itself from committing violent acts. On top of that, there's the issue of money itself. If I were worth millions because my great grandparents were slaves (still the only tried and true method to get most coloreds to work), and there were gaggles of my people doing without I would help them at the expense of my own bank account. But given the fact that most Unemployed Ghetto Males aka Aspiring Rap Artists refuse to work, impregnate Obese Ghetto Females starting at the age of 9, and have no legal income streams, perhaps it's time for the government to step in.

I refuse to any longer subsidize the breeding of unemployed colored welfare recipients. The government needs to A: sterilize all welfare recipients so that coloreds on welfare are not further burdening society with more future inmates, and B: Force all violent criminals and any who breed while on welfare to spend their incarceration modding hard labor with whippings for those that don't do their share.

791 days ago


My husband's mother was Bi polar (We didn't find this out until resently) and would beat him every day for no reason. His sister also confirmed this. My husband will not go out of his way to see his mother. Even thought he works with his father everyday, he won't even call his mother to say hi. I asked him about it once and he said, when you fear the one you love, you stay away, it's called self preservation. My husband treats me like a queen and we never fight. So I guess he did the right thing staying away from the negative and bringing it home. She use to be so hateful to me when I married her son, that I didn't really mind if we saw her or not. So not all moms are created equal. But I don't think you should hit your mom, just stay away and remove yourself from the situation.

791 days ago

Rick Lawrence    

The league needs to put a stop to this by banning such players from the league! It will never happen, too much money involeved. NFL has little class, just thugs!

791 days ago


There's more to come of this. She did 18 months in a Federal lockup for selling crack cocaine to an undercover cop. Hate to say it but I'd smack my momma if it kept her away form a crack pipe.

791 days ago


There's more to come no doubt. She did 18 months in a Federal lockup for selling crack cocaine to an undercover cop and she was only 13 when she gave birth to him. Hate to say it but I'd smack my momma if it kept her off a crack pipe.

791 days ago


awww, he's such a good son

791 days ago
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