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Fred Willard

Masturbation Law

Won't Stick

7/20/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alleged weenie wacker Fred Willard may NOT have broken the lewd conduct law ... even if he DID masturbate in an adult movie theater.

Here's the long and short of it -- In California, it's not automatically illegal to masturbate in a public place like a movie theater ... it's ONLY illegal if the act occurs within eye-shot of people who "might be offended."  That's the law, folks.

So how does Willard beat the rap? Allow us to make the argument.

Willard's alleged act occurred in a XXX theater, notorious for showing hardcore porno films to patrons who show up to get off.

There were 4 other movie-goers in the house when cops busted Willard -- 4 patrons in a dark, dank theater doing God knows what.  It's a safe bet they weren't particularly offended.  And if they say they were, good luck to them on cross examination.

So Willard had NO REASON to believe anyone there would get their nose out of joint by a little self knob-polishing ... therefore, the lewd conduct law doesn't apply to him.  NOT GUILTY.

Willard's attorney, Paul Takakjian, has already gone on record, saying the 78-year-old actor "did nothing in any violation of any law" ... and he may be right.



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but the question remains, why didn't he just whack off at home?

824 days ago


Dude, just let it go. Can't a guy masturbate in peace? He obviously doesn't know how to operate a computer, so he found the next best way to get it off without hurting anybody.

824 days ago


The law may not stick Freddie but your fingers sure did.

824 days ago

just my opinion    

so, i need to sound off on something. i live in San Francisco where it is apparently totally legal to be nude in public as long as you're not committing a lewd act while nude. there is a fat nude man who sits in the gay district, the castro, on his front porch in the broad daylight during the weekday and the cops do nothing about's totally disgusting and it's almost like the gay neighborhood is immune to any decency laws because i genuinely dont see it flying anywhere else in the city...mind you, there is an elementary school in fairly decent proximity and there are people who are not grown gay men who live in the neighborhood who have children...anyway the point is, there are some serious misuses of this "law" going on. seeing grown naked hairy men is lewd and offensive to me but i dont matter because im straight in rainbow land. vent over.

824 days ago


he was just doing research for the paul reubens story.

824 days ago

BB not bb    

Why is pornography even legal? It leads to things like this whether seen or unseen. His lawyer has a good point according to the law and yet, I don't consider this to be a wholesome or edifying passtime. No one in that theater would take offense if they are there to watch that kind of thing anyway. I can't believe that police are even on masturbation patrol in dive theaters. I wonder if any volunteer for that assignment. Maybe they just want to scare the patrons away from there so they can close it down.

Why do people watch any movies out if they can watch them at home? I guess they like the big screen and sound systems and maybe new releases. Maybe they like to be in a community of people sharing the same experience with them. It is more private at home in a sense, unless you don't want people in your home to see what you are up to. Maybe his wife wouldn't take to kindly to seeing him involved in this scene at home.

824 days ago


I've gotta say... I'm with Willy on this one. It's an XXX theater - what are guys supposed to do in there? It's a no brainer.

824 days ago


Let the guy off... pun intended :-)

824 days ago


Can some one give me the address to that Tiki place?

824 days ago

R. Cortez    

How many XXX theater raids are there and at what cost ? Has anyone figured out its not really illegal or barely legal seems more appropriate.

824 days ago


Oh JUST Shut UP , Fred!

824 days ago


assault with a DEAD weapon perhaps?

824 days ago

Bobo Frog    

The government hired Fred Willard to help distract the populace from the real problems in the country.

824 days ago


He needs to get this to court ASAP. With what happened at the midnight "Batman" screening here in Colorado, any judge should be very easily convinced that this is stupid. If they didn't think so already. Fred didn't hurt or kill anyone. Leave him alone.

824 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

I hope this is not true
I love Fred Willard

824 days ago
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