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Max Kellerman

'About Time'

JoePa Statue Came Down

7/22/2012 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0722_max_kellerman_videoSports radio host Max Kellerman thinks Penn State did the right thing in taking down the statue of Joe Paterno -- in fact, he thinks they need to go further. 

We caught up with Max at LAX today where he said it was "about time" the statue of JoePa came down. Max said he believes Paterno's actions in the Jerry Sandusky child abuse action outweigh all the good that he's done ... and that Penn State shouldn't stop with just the statue. 

Max told us, "The fact that they still want to name the library after him? Come on, man."

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Roger Fenwick    

He dedicated his life to that University.

791 days ago


I thought they were just going to turn it around...SO HE WAS LOOKING THE OTHER WAY,

791 days ago


Max Kellerman.......Dirty Dancing!!!

791 days ago

buzz kill    

They are going to move it to the "Pedophile Hall of Shame".

791 days ago


Shutting down the football program permanently is the most apt action.

It is the perfect response/punishment for this crime. The crime was knowingly allowing someone to rape children to keep the football program going.

If the football program is allowed to continue then it means that the plan worked, the plan of allowing the children to be anally raped to keep the football program going worked. This just cant be .

791 days ago


Do people not remember who did this? It was Jerry Sandusky...not Joe Paterno...it almost seems as if Paterno is hated more than the person who actually did it? What the hell is wrong with you people? Joe Paterno has passed away...removing his statue isnt going to change what happened! I would be more concerned about the victims and Sandusky rather than Joe Paterno statue at this point! Not sure why people need to even delve into this subject......

791 days ago


The library is names after him because he paid for it jacko. And Joe Paterno did nothing wrong. Stop believe the two second snippets on ESPN and read the evidence before you open your yapper.

791 days ago


Paterno is worse. Sandusky is a sick fck. Paterno coldly and calculatingly took the decision to hide the crime and allow more children to be raped so his beloved football team wouldn't look bad.
The action Paterno was to sacrifice children to be anally raped to not slow down his football team. Gross self interest.
If paterno was alive today he would be be up on all sorts of criminal charges and civil suits.

791 days ago


Ok, the statue is down, the four have been accused of covering up the pedophile's actions, now what about Mike McQueary and the janitor that stood by and watched those boys being raped.. Should they not be charged also, for not doing anything to stop the abuse of the children? As far as I am concerned, that is a crime also.

791 days ago


The fact is: Penn State would have to give the donated money back to remove his name, and the Governor (who should shoulder more blame for this, as he was attorney general at the time and let Sandusky slide himself) has cut funding to ALL the state schools (like Penn State and Temple, and including all K-12) so they can't afford to give the money back without hiking tuition up to for the students. And while a handful did riot when Joe was fired, the actions of the few shouldn't dictate the future of the whole.

791 days ago

juggalo 6    

Its real easy to piss on a dead man that can't defend himself isn't it? I hope someone extends the same courtesy to some of you and your life's work when you are dead too. I hope ol' Max gets hit by a bus with all the Karma he is building.

791 days ago


I don't know why but this Mcqueary is the one that makes me the most angry. Maybe its because I can put myself in that position and know that I would have stopped it.
I just can't imagine how a grown man watching a child being raped, with the sounds that Mcqueary described could do nothing. Its just a crime against humanity. McQueary must be charged, must must must.if nothing else but to ensure that people in the future stop and report these crimes.

791 days ago


Well, a naming a library is fitting..you have to be quiet! He deserves no attention. If Jo Pa wasn't a coach, and say a teacher, any mention of his name would have been removed long ago. This case is nothing about football, its about child abuse.

791 days ago


The Freeh report in NO WAY proved Paterno covered for Sandusky. Read the report people and look for the actual evidence. There is none. Sorry, hate me all you want, but it doesn't change the truth. Freeh uses alot of opinion in the report and never substantiates it with proof. I guess that's what you get when you pay someone 6million. It got the onus off the BOT and onto the only person who can't defend himslf. So, the ONLY person who reported it was trying to cover it up by reporting it? Interesting. Think outside the box people and don't believe everything you read. Be intelligent and realize there is MUCH more to this story. It's heinous & disgusting, but Paterno is not the guilty one here. And as far as this guy, who cares what he thinks.

791 days ago


Max is right.

791 days ago
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