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Evelyn Lozada

Rocked by Death

in the Family

8/13/2012 9:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0813_evelyn_lozada_gettyEvelyn Lozada is mourning her brother-in-law, who died tonight after a long battle with cancer ... TMZ has learned.

Anthony Ochoa who was married to Evelyn's sister Sylvia, made several appearances on "Basketball Wives" ... and just last month he escorted Evelyn down the aisle for her wedding to Chad Johnson.

We're told Anthony was featured prominently in the reality show about the wedding. As TMZ first reported ... VH1 has decided not to air the show after Chad's arrest for domestic battery.

We're told Anthony was surrounded by family members when he passed away in New York City.

Evelyn tells TMZ, "Anthony was an amazing husband, father, and brother-in-law. He will be dearly missed."

Anthony and Sylvia were married for more than 10 years, and had 2 children.

Anthony was 43.


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I'm sorry Evelyn, this is a very bad place to be in. I know things will get better for you.

803 days ago


Sorry for your loss.

803 days ago


This is not a moment in time to bash Evelyn. RIP to her brother-in-law.

803 days ago


RIP Anthony. Cancer sucks.

803 days ago


To think that this bitch would use the death of her brother-in-law to engage sympathy. How low will this ho go? JUSTICE FOR CHAD!!! BOYCOTT BBW SPONSORS!!!

803 days ago



803 days ago


Classy pose there. Your Brother in Law is dying and you have to do a dramatic pose for the camera that shows off some stupid "boobies" jacket.

803 days ago


Sorry for the lost of brother-n-law. But really Evelyn? I'm sure you caused all the drama that when on this weekend. But Chad got what he deserved.He played with a project bi%#^ and it cost him his NFL career. Those must be the most expensive "condoms" in the world. Ev, I bet you will think twice before you let another neighbor call 911. Drama Queen Bitch. Glad they cancelled the show. Hope Chad leave her project a$$.

803 days ago


WHO???? Why is this chick famous?

803 days ago


Evelyn tells TMZ, "Anthony was an amazing husband, father, and brother-in-law. He will be dearly missed."

Why the hell are you speaking to aTMZ? Sounds like you caled this in to get sympathy if a family member of mine passed and I was famous I would say please respect my family's privacy while we mourn I wouldn't be doing interviews and sending them pictures. You are a manipulator and it's so obvious that you are the type to play VICTIM and you will do anything to smear and ruin someone else's life just like you tried to ruin Jennifer's life because you were mad she spoke truth and YOU were jealous of her. You did everything in your power to make her life hell even dragging your friends into your fights and now your doing everything you can to ruin Chad. You are so pathetic #boom!

803 days ago


People please do not fall for this. This girl loves the spotlight even if it's of the death of a family member. Notice that this article is about Evelyn mourning and not about her Family. Notice how she welcomes interviews by speaking to TMZ immediately after her family member died. She's crying out please feel bad for me. She did the same crap with Jennifer she cried and dragged her friends into her mess bullied Jennifer tried to play Victim here she is again playing victim she just wants to be in the spotlight she wishes she could be another Kim Kardashian. She's just plain mean. If anything I bet she flipped out about finding the receipt for condoms obviously if a dude is buying condoms he don't care too much if you find out if he's leaving the receipts around its obvious who was emotionally unstable she most definitely flipped out on Chad as we all know she's violent and I bet he tried to get her off him and head butt her so that she would get off.

Chad you made your bed now lie in it. Evelyn you did as well stop trying to be in the spotlight 24/7 because people are sick of you and do not want to hear or read about your drama. What are you famous for?

Evelyn has no talent and doesn't need to air out her dirty laundry for all to see she's a terrible role model we have enough idiots in this world she needs to go into hiding and get her life together cus she's a hot mess!

803 days ago


Regardless of Evelyns played out azz, may Anthony R.I.P.

803 days ago


Evelyn called TMZ and is crying Wolfe. She's desperate for attention. She's probably hoping Vh1 will feel bad for her and air her show again. Well guess what Evelyn, when it rain it POURS whether you are rich or broke. You need to deflate your big head take a step away from the media, and just let your family mourn and celebrate the life of this man instead of draining them of your drama. I feel bad for this man, however I still do not feel bad for Evelyn. She brought all of this on herself. If she had been a decent reasonable person the only traumatic event she would've had would've been the death of her family member. But she is emotionally stunted and reacts like a 13 year old. Even her daughter realizes her mother is immature and got issues that's why she wants to go to school across the country to get away from Evelyn's drama and BAD decisions. As for Chad, you knew exactly what you was getting yourself into when you met this little girl. You have daughters and should have thought about what type of irresponsible, emotionally unstable girl you were bringing into their lives. TMZ please stop reporting on Evelyn as no one cares anymore. There are petitions everywhere trying to get this lady out of the media completely. Please follow VH1 and the NFL and Stop giving them the attention Evelyn and Chad crave. Evelyn has no talent and there is no point. Chad needs to focus on his football career and bring his A game back.

803 days ago


Ev was WAY more worried about her wedding than her brother in law....... she is so fake... everyone else in her family is real... she is not.
To the family, prayers for strength and positivity... you will see that your glass is still half full...

803 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

who is she?

803 days ago
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